Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wet Wednesday

Just got back from a walk on the Lawrencetown Boardwalk/Trail. Rain was predicted and we wanted to get the walk in before it started.

The rain started as we were pulling into the driveway. It's more like a dark 'deep November' day than an October one........except that it is very foggy and relatively mild, 15 degrees C.

It's one of those days that I like to just take it easy.......doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Nothing too mind exerting, just relaxing.

On this note I would like to share with you a quote I got today from TUT'S Adventure Club to which I subscribe (it's free). He calls it a note from the Universe:

Isn't it your triumphs over adversity, surprise rebounds, and stellar comebacks that you look back on with the most fondness, Jim? Far more than the easy, cake for breakfast and pajamas in the afternoon, kind of times?

    The Universe

My answer would have to be a resounding yes! What would you reply?


  1. I'm pretty fond of hanging around with my feet up and a good book and good cup of coffee in hand, but, yes, the days that stand out in strongest detail are those where you have succeeded in some way.

  2. those kind of days! I have forgotten what rain looks like I think.I guess surviving these Texas droughts are a triumphs...we always say things like remember the drought of'o9..that was a tough one!

  3. I think its a canadian thing... we seem not to have the deep red autumn colours in the UK

  4. Each day is made for conquering.
    Here in Michigan today, I'll consider it a good day if we don't get blown away. So far, so good.
    But were holding on tight.

  5. I would have to agree...yes. It is those days that I am most grateful for, for they have taught me much. Beautiful photos.....

  6. I love the colors of red in the fall and the 'note from the universe' is a good one for me today--I'm still fighting a bit of discouragement over my poison ivy, but know I will look back at some time and realize that it's not as bad as it seems right now.

  7. Absolutely beautiful pictures...... you must be a proper certified photographer!

  8. Beautiful! Our colors here are not so vibrant this year... I miss that. Thanks for sharing...

  9. Annie said it for me. Beautiful photos.

  10. Yes,yes,yes! Lovely pics,hope you enjoyed your walk.


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