Saturday, October 2, 2010

Retro Saturday

You can't get any more 'retro', as this post will tell, than taking a look at the 1970's.

A few of my 'peeps' (followers) wanted to see a few pics of me with my 'Afro' from back in the 70's.

Now, I wouldn't usually do this for anybody you know, 'cause I have a reputation to uphold! lol

Here goes.

Let me first tell you that my hair was ALL NATURAL. Some people, my aunt in particular, was convinced it was a perm. NOT! Three of us in the family of nine kids had curly, I mean really curly, hair. A couple had wavy hair, and the rest had 'poker straight' hair ( the bas-----!) 

My younger brother, Bernard, had lovely long, straight, silky hair. Wish I had a picture. Hair was very important back then in expressing 'where' you were on things at the time. In fact, they made a musical about it ....'Hair'.

For those of you too young to remember, and for those of you wanting to forget, the late 60's was a period when 'free expression' was everywhere. Some wanted things to remain the same (like my Dad), while others wanted to, let's say, be 'natural'.

It was quite a time to live through. I, for one, loved it! It was a time to explore, disagree with the status quo, and also try to make things a little better. In other words, improve on the culture in which we found ourselves and in which we had no say whatsoever.

Part of this 'rebellion' was to let your hair grow...thank you Beatles!!!

My friends and I did our best in this endeavor and this pic shows me in 1971. I guess I really was a 'freak'.

A year or so later I found myself in Freeport, Bahamas. It was June 1972 and I had bought myself a graduation gift. I just graduated from St.Mary's University.

While there, the hostess of the hotel approached me on the first day and said: "Brother, you have the nicest hair!" She was a black woman and was convinced that I was black as well. I tried to convince her that I wasn't but she would hear nothing of it!

A couple years later, after I had just met Ron, my husband, we went to Nassau, Bahamas.

Boy, was I at my skinniest !!

I was attending Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, at the time, taking my degree in 'special' education. A year later in 1974 I got my first teaching job in the Annapolis Valley of N.S. And still had my hair.

I kept my hair 'natural' up to around the mid 80's, I guess when it was no longer in style.

This last photo was taken when I had taken my first class to a 'camp' for a few days.

It feels like all of this was so very long ago but also just like yesterday at the same time. 

I enjoyed doing this actually and I hope it brings back good memories for some and was an education for those who only heard of the 60's and 70's. It was a very exciting time to start the 'growing up' process.

Peace man! Power to the people!! Right on!!!

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