Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In A Split Second

While I was visiting my father on the weekend
he got a phone call and was informed that
his sister-in-law, my aunt, was in the hospital
next to his veteran's hospital.

She had broken her leg due to a fall in her nursing home.
This was not good to hear as she was already becoming
very weak because of health issues.

She had always been a vibrant woman and she is my last remaining
aunt to whom I am close. I went to visit after I left Dad's.

She is the only surviving sibling in her family. 
As I entered her room her two daughters were
standing by the bed.

My aunt was groggy and not too aware of her surroundings.
The family had decided to go ahead with an operation the next day.
And my cousins were of course worried about the outcome.

It will require a lot of energy for this 88 year old woman
to recover from this fall and subsequent operation.

As I stood next to my aunt I reached for her hand and held it.
She squeezed it gently.

Thinking she had fallen asleep again I took my hand away.
She then began grasping into the air looking for my hand.

I took her hand again and felt an incredible calmness 
come over me. I realized it had been a long time since
I 'connected' with my mother's family. I mean really connect.
It was almost like channeling that side/line of the family.
I feel certain that my aunt felt this too, as she became very calm.

Besides never forgetting this moment I shared with her,
it made me realize how quickly things change and that a lifetime 
may seem a long time but it is over in a second.

(My aunt got through the operation and now the recovery
process begins.)

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