Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tell-Tales Of A Photo

In the photo below are two sisters. On the left is my aunt
Annabel, next to her is my mother, Mary, 
and next to her is my oldest sister, Marilyn.

I figure this photo was taken in 1944 when my father
was overseas. These two sisters were inseparable
at this time. I am sure Mom was happy to have 
her sister near to help her through the trauma
of having a husband in the war and with being a 
mother for the first time. 
They all lived together with my grandmother.

These sisters married brothers, my father being one of them.

Dad and my aunt, Annabel, are the surviving
 members of their immediate families
and they both are now in nursing homes.

I have always liked to look at photos like this of my parents
when everything was fresh and new........
their whole lives were ahead of them.
They were young and energetic with great hopes
that life would be filled with happiness.

My Dad got back from London in 1945, 
his little baby was three years old.

They had eight more kids and the rest,
one would say, is history.

Oh the stories a single photo can tell.

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