Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Morning post

Cold wintery type of week....

Looking west from atop MacDonald Hill.

I took this on the way to Sophie's day care early yesterday morning.

The above and next  photo are 'natural' and were taken in broad daylight.

Downtown Halifax under construction.....just one of the sites as a flock of birds flew by.

MacDonald House peeking up over the hill.

Sophie was very interested in these tracks which were on MacDonald Hill the other day.
The fact that they are not accompanied by human tracks leaves me to think
they are from either a Fox or a coyote.
We didn't stick around to find out.

A sunset....

Queen Street in Halifax taken from new Central Halifax Library.

Winter surfing must be invigorating! It is to watch!

Taken from 5th floor at library (they call the Living Room)
looking towards Halifax Harbour.

Some of Sophie's friends at day care the other day.

Waxing Gibbous 76% full Moon the other afternoon.


More of Sophie's friends....

Yes, like a bird on a wire......

Sophie with her ice protectors.
She tolerates these.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Large Playground

Here it is almost the end of January, in the Northern Hemisphere,
two more months to go for the first day of spring,
and what do I see in the north Atlantic Ocean yesterday.....
these two surfers having the time of their lives.

Actually, I wasn't surprised as much as I was impressed considering the temperature...
around -8C with the windchill.

Surfers are here most every day of the year....depending on the surf.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Storm That Couldn't

We were ready for a big blizzard on Tuesday.....
as was most of the northeastern seaboard of North America.

By mid-day we were still waiting.
Ok, we did get about 8 inches of snow and some freezing rain.
But remember, it IS winter here in the northern hemisphere.

So yesterday around noon, we headed down to the boardwalk at the beach.
Most things were covered in ice, the sun was out and it was really a beautiful day.

I believe we are learning to take the weather reports with a grain of salt.
Or at least I hope so.

It is important to be prepared and use your common sense
when it comes to 'weather events' all year round.

Must remember that sometimes the weather-people are spot on.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Buddy The Pug

This is Buddy.

He is one of two Pugs that is at Sophie's doggie daycare on Fridays.

He was also there on Monday when we dropped in for a visit with Mary,
 the owner/operator.

We were in the sun-room and Buddy was outside on the deck looking in at us.

He is a real hopper and is all over the place and people.....
which we discovered when he came in to join us.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Girls Have All The Fun

Yesterday, Laura, the in-training dog massage therapist, 
was back again to 'treat' Sophie.

This time it would be reflexology......manipulating and massaging the feet/paws.

At first Sophie let Laura do what she needed to do with one paw.
But when she started with the second, 
Sophie just got up and stood next to where Ron was sitting.
She was just not in the mood for extended anything.

Laura was fine with this and said she will try again next Monday.
As you can see in this photo, Sophie and Laura were happy to see each other.

Besides, they did have a lot of bonding/sharing time.
But not too much massage time.

Do you think they have the same hairdresser?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Contemplative Monday

The following is from 'The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh' (click)
published by 'Shambhala Pocket Classics'.


"Being in contact with life in the present moment, we observe deeply what is.
Then we are able to see the impermanent and selfless nature of all that is.

Impermanence and selflessness are not negative aspects of life 
but the very foundations on which life is built.
Impermanence is the constant transformation of things.

Without impermanence, there can be no life.

Selflessness is the interdependent nature of all things.
Without interdependence, nothing could exist.
Without the sun, the clouds, and the Earth, the tulip could not be.

We often feel sad about the impermanence and selflessness of life,
because we forget that, without impermanence and selflessness,
life cannot be.

To be aware of impermanence and selflessness does not take away the joy of being alive.

On the contrary, it adds healthiness, stability, and freedom.
It is because people cannot see the impermanent 
and selfless nature of things that they suffer.

They take what is impermanent as permanent and that what is selfless as having a self.

Life is suffering, but it is also wonderful.

Sickness, old age, death, accident, starvation, unemployment,
and natural disasters cannot be avoided in life.

But, if our understanding is deep and our mind free,
we can accept these things with tranquility,
 and the suffering will already be greatly lessened. 

This is not to say we should close our eyes before suffering.
By being in contact with suffering, we give rise to
and nourish our natural love and compassion.

Suffering becomes the element that nourishes our love and compassion,
and so we are not afraid of it.

When our heart is filled with love and compassion,
 we will act in ways to help relieve the suffering of others."

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Eclectic Tastes

Today is "Robert Burns Day' (click).

This goes out for all you people of Scottish ancestry
and to those who like his work.

My grandmother, Maryann MacDonald, and grandfather, Arthur MacIsaac,
 were very proud Scots and this song/poem goes out to them.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

Here, there, and everywhere kind of week......

Noticed this week that the Hemlock tree I planted a couple of years ago
is really starting to take is the light green one in the background/right.

These dried Sedum were picking up the rising sun the other morning.

Birdbath during our 'one day' thaw this week.

Sophie came along as I walked through the garden, doing what dogs do the best...sniff.

Our pre-breakfast smoothie before breakfast yesterday in the city.

At the library on Friday.....Ron went ahead as I had some shopping to do.
I finally got there and entered on the first floor wondering where he would be.
When all of a sudden I heard this TST TST sound.....
I looked way up and there he was on the fourth floor looking down at me.

Again this week we were able to find two more comfortable chairs
but this time facing in the opposite direction...north.
We sat and read for a couple of hours.

Read and took a few shots, I should say.
I liked the mix of the old and the new here.

This one was taken while we were stopped at the lights.

When I was visiting the shop this week
 I took a few shots of things in the gallery on the first floor.
This is one of them.....I like what this woman does with her sea-glass.
They sell like 'hot cakes'!

While picking up Sophie from doggie daycare yesterday,
Ron and I went to visit one of the resident horses.

It was a beautiful early evening there at the 'farm' when we got Sophie.

This was taken this week at the new park we 'found'.

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