Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

Here, there, and everywhere kind of week......

Noticed this week that the Hemlock tree I planted a couple of years ago
is really starting to take is the light green one in the background/right.

These dried Sedum were picking up the rising sun the other morning.

Birdbath during our 'one day' thaw this week.

Sophie came along as I walked through the garden, doing what dogs do the best...sniff.

Our pre-breakfast smoothie before breakfast yesterday in the city.

At the library on Friday.....Ron went ahead as I had some shopping to do.
I finally got there and entered on the first floor wondering where he would be.
When all of a sudden I heard this TST TST sound.....
I looked way up and there he was on the fourth floor looking down at me.

Again this week we were able to find two more comfortable chairs
but this time facing in the opposite direction...north.
We sat and read for a couple of hours.

Read and took a few shots, I should say.
I liked the mix of the old and the new here.

This one was taken while we were stopped at the lights.

When I was visiting the shop this week
 I took a few shots of things in the gallery on the first floor.
This is one of them.....I like what this woman does with her sea-glass.
They sell like 'hot cakes'!

While picking up Sophie from doggie daycare yesterday,
Ron and I went to visit one of the resident horses.

It was a beautiful early evening there at the 'farm' when we got Sophie.

This was taken this week at the new park we 'found'.

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