Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bedazzled By Autumn

Okay, I can hear some people say, "If I see another photo of leaves in autumn I'll.......

Actually I was feeling this way too until this past Sunday
when we went to the Gaspereau Valley one more time before
the snow flies.

The trees were at their peak as far as colour goes and I was in awe
of the beauty around me.

So I took over 250 shots as we walked up the canal road and back.

This is but a sampling of the splendor that was around us. And it took all the willpower
I have to not put them all on this post!!
Oh yes, none of these photos were 're-touched'....there was no need.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday With Dickens

English literature 101: Mr.Macawber (click).

Tony Weller (son of Sam Weller).....(click)


The Blue Boar......(click)


Tony Weller


Okay, some explanation needed I suppose. I stopped buying 'things' a while back 
mainly because we were running out of room to put them (and I didn't want people
to begin to think I was a closet hoarder!).

But a few weeks ago I came across these 'old' plates by the Alfred Meakin Co. (click)
which were being auctioned off to the highest bidder by putting one's bid
on a list with everyone else who wanted them. I found out my bid was the highest.
And here they are. Something about them I couldn't resist......

Winter is very near and what a better read than one of Dickens' classics....
now that we have some background I think I will re-visit one.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Contemplative Monday

...taken from 'Heart Advice--Weekly Quotes From Pema Chodron

"How do we develop the willingness to not retaliate? Shantideva's approach is based on

developing tenderness for the human predicament, and, if that's not possible, 

to at least realize that anger increases our suffering. It is like eating poison seeds and wondering why we get sicker.

To interrupt anger's momentum, he suggests these contemplations on the futility

of our habitual responses. Ask yourself once again: Why do I get angry at people 

and not inanimate things? How much of my anger is caused by fixed views of good and bad,

right and wrong? And couldn't I have some tolerance for others who, just like me,

keep creating their own misery? The real culprits are the kleshas (click) themselves, 

and couldn't we all use some compassionate guidance in working with them?"

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eclectic Tastes

We got an email from our friends in New Brunswick last week with
a link to this band. Their daughter, 15 year old Victoria, had it on her ipod
 and wanted to share this tune.

I was immediately taken back to my hippie years! Loved it!
Why can't we go back in time just for a short time? lol

Hope you enjoy this catchy and light-hearted tune.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Line Is Drawn

When the ocean is relatively calm and the sun is brightly shining,

I am in awe of the enormity of the Atlantic Ocean sitting right in front of me.

The perfectly straight line of the horizon accentuates and defines 
two of the earth's most majestic frontiers.

Standing here at the water's edge can be a humbling, 
while at the same time, an exhilarating experience.

I have seen this 'view' for most of my life,
and each time remain transfixed.

And I bet you thought from the title this was going to be a 'political', political?!

Friday, October 26, 2012

It Was A 'Walk In The Park'

Come along on our walk through Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.

The weather is cool, about 10C, with a slight breeze.

There is still some colour despite the below freezing past couple of nights.

But the 'colours' are starting to fade.

One brave sailor out on the Northwest Arm......

Sophie meeting two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels....not sure what the tongue is all about.

Leaves turning to bronze........

Can't beat a sky-blue backdrop!

One last look behind......

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

As Ron and Sophie were staring out into the north Atlantic

late yesterday afternoon, I couldn't help but realize that we here 

in Nova Scotia are in the very last days of fall. 

There was the first 'arctic' wind coming from the north and telling us

it is time to get ready for that blast from winter.
Bring it on!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Look But Don't Eat!!!!

The collage below is made up of photos I took of our 'Physalis alkekengi'
which is spreading like crazy on the south side of our house.

It is, of course, commonly known as 'Chinese Jack-O-Lantern' (click here).
 I was just showing off with its proper name!

Since it is part of the 'deadly nightshade' family, 
it is poisonous. So, no matter how delicious these look, 
don't eat them!!

Halloween must be right around the corner.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Wool......

Did you know that you can trace  articles of clothing you have
right back to it's origin?

Well, you can. All you need is the BAACODE!
That's correct, it's BAACODE.

You see, we really like Marino wool (click here) in the winter and find 
it does keep us warm as well as, if not better than, fleece.

Here's the story:

This past weekend we realized we needed some winter gear accessories,
like socks and gloves, so headed to a shop in Halifax.

Icebreaker (click here) is a brand that has served us well over the past few years,
so we spent some time looking over and trying on a few  of their items.

In the end we got what we were looking for, Marina socks
and Marina gloves. 

What we didn't realize was that because we spent a certain amount,
we were entitled to get one free pair of Marino underwear! Yes indeed, underwear!

So to the rack we go to see what they have in this department.
They did have what I was looking for and I took these to the counter.

Wool underwear, I hear you saying? Yes.
This wool is so refined and soft that you would not know
it was wool in the old sense of the word....that being
rough and scratchy/itchy.

I almost wish we were paid by this company 
considering the way I am praising their product.

So we got home and I noticed a tag on the underwear
that said I could trace back from where the fabric (wool) 

All I had to do was go to their site and enter 
the BAACODE which they supplied and 
which was unique to this article.

I did and was very surprised to see and meet the 'farmers/ranchers'
who raised the sheep which supplied the wool to make my underwear!!
They live in beautiful New Zealand.

If you want to check it out yourself here is the BAACODE:

Go to ICEBREAKER.COM and follow instructions.

I am so easily impressed as you may have gathered 
but I find this to be quite interesting and an
advertising stroke of genius.

(All photos were taken from the internet. Thus the blurriness! )

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