Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Gearing down for winter.........

These bikes were parked outside the surf shop at MacDonald House as we headed up the hill.


I was out 'doing my rounds' yesterday and found this wonderful framed photograph
of Nova Scotia's famous schooner...the Bluenose II by Maurice Crosby.
This sailing vessel is sacred around here and has just been 'overhauled and refurbished'
and will be back in the water doing public tours next spring.
Oh yes, it is on our Canadian ten cent piece.
It is in the shop as of yesterday.

Young love.

Had to move all the photographs from the main shop and into, literally, a closet this week.
The sun in the shop is potentially dangerous to photos.
So they, along with some glassware, are in the closet in Fancy Lucky's shop, next door.

 Every person that visits MacDonald House goes out on the hill to take photos
and these two were no exception.

This photo was untouched (see, I do leave some alone!! lol).
Shows that it was a gray day.


A very lonely thistle.

This is a view of MacDonald Hill from the other beach below, Stony Beach.
We don't often go there but the other evening we did.
The main beach is just beyond the Hill.


  1. Wonderful captures, Jim! That poor lonely thistle will be joining its pals soon enough. That young love image is fantastic. I also love the parked bicycles. That's something we did a lot of this summer!

  2. I love every image you show, especially of Sophie and all the ocean views, because so many dogs are abandoned or mistreated it does my heart good to know how much she is loved by you and you never did answer, do you deliver? or are you not set up for that, 'cause Jim I'd be a buyer

  3. I saw the Bluenose II the last time I was in Nova Scotia! It was quite a thrill. It was at dock in Lunenburg.

  4. A great set of images, Jim. The header shot is really gorgeous.

  5. Hey, just wondering...does Nova Scotia have any tributes or memorials to Joshua Slocum? (Sailing Alone Around The World).
    If you haven't read his book, I highly recommend it!!

    1. Hi Kay! In Westport down on Brier Island, there is a memorial to Slocum. I took photos and hope to do a post on it, but I just haven't had time yet. Buried in writing! Take care!


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