Sunday, October 5, 2014

Eclectic Tastes

Today's pick is by two local musicians who are from different genres of music
but collaborated on this piece
and it was a hit here in Canada.

Hope you enjoy this and have a great Sunday.


  1. This isn't my normal taste in music but it's actually a really catchy song! Great to see you are so open minded with music yourself too :)

  2. Well rap isn't my style, but sometimes I like it, but this one stopped played at 53 seconds?????unusual or what? ps Saturday i left a post, you can read it and not comment and i will not hold it against you, but if you respond than I'll take it that you don't mind visiting me knowing what you know, I won't hold it against you at all, you don't visit that often, you may have many blogs to visit so if don't leave a comment I won't take it personally ok Jim?

  3. Fun song with great lyrics! I listened to it twice!

  4. Not enough signal today. Have a good Sunday.


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