Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Evening Post

Life in our corner of the world......

Crossing lines...

Two crows joy....

Tight squeeze.

On the trail with Sophie, she stops at this path to the beach each day 
in the hope we will take it.

I like chairs! 

From my 'perch' at the shop last Sunday......this person capturing the view.

'Should we or not?'

From MacCormack Beach in Eastern Passage looking towards the cities
of Halifax on the left and Dartmouth on the right.

I like tables too....

Ron and Sophie along the water's edge in Eastern Passage.

Fish plant at Fisherman's Cove in Eastern Passage.

Heading to fish plant to unload.

In a row.


  1. What a beautiful area. I love your chairs and tables. And that view from the shop is entrancing.

  2. Everything you show, from your love of chairs and tables, or beautiful Sophie, oh the view of the oceans , they all hit me in the heart, all that beauty, I'm so grateful that you share it all , thank you Jim and Ron and Sophie x

  3. "Chair of the Week! Oh my! I'd like to thank the Academy . . . and you like me, you really like me!"

  4. Good morning, Jim! You like chairs and tables, but you also like rich colors and strong, drenching light ~ beautiful shots. The tricksiest one is the surfer and his parasail caught between the wires and on opposite sides of the pole. That is literally a heartbeat shot that required foresight and a Luke Skywalker touch! Well done! As for the rest: wonderful!!!!! Don't work too hard tomorrow, and may you capture more great shots from your perch in the sky!

  5. That fishing boat would make an excellent puzzle. Very cool.
    From your perch shot - haunting

  6. I always look forward to the collection on Saturday. Each photo brings a different story to mind. Your chair of the week idea is so creative, Jim! I love everything about the last photo, including the tangled seaweed.

  7. A beautiful group of images, Jim. I love your shot of the photographer.

  8. Love all of your shots! and on the one should we, or not.... my thought is NOT. Hope you are well and having a great Fall!

  9. Wonderful photos, Jim! I especially love the chair of the week image. And Sophie. She always looks so beautiful.


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