Saturday, January 19, 2013

Party Time!!!

Let the PARTY begin!!!

Hi everyone! Welcome to 'OCEAN BREEZES'.

Along with most of you here, I have been invited
to this 'blog party' by our host Vicki to have a chance to 
get to know a few more bloggers. So here goes......

My name is Jim and I have been part of this 
wonderful 'blogishere' since 2010.

This is me and our dog, Sophie.

In 2009 I was forced to retire due to a brain injury
resulting from a fall while skating. No, I wasn't
wearing a helmet and recommend that we all
do when participating in any recreational sport.

I was a teacher for about 28 years before I retired.
I worked with a wide range of students with
'special needs'.....from academically challenged
to high functioning students in the autistic spectrum.

Teaching taught me to be patient, both in school and outside.
I must admit that I was more patient with my students 
than I was in my personal life most of the time.
But that is getting better! lol

So why do I blog. As I said I was kind of forced into it.
The nature of my injury was such that I needed to 
learn to focus my thoughts on something specific.
And I had to learn to spell again. You see, a hit on the head
can do some scrambling of that very sensitive 'tofu' mass
in our heads!

So for once, I listened to my husband, Ron, 
and started  a blog.

And since I consider myself an very amateur photographer,
I thought, hey, I could combine the two..........
writing and photography.

I have had a camera ever since I can remember.
For years I carried around an old Nikon F professional
35mm. I have a trunk load of negatives/photos to prove it!

I know all us bloggers do this for different reasons. And I
read many blog posts daily and see why people do this
on a regular basis.

And then there are the other bloggers we meet!
And one of my favourite and most talented
is Vicki from 'Two Bags Full'.

I am assuming most of you know her since
you are at this party she is throwing!! And 
if you don't and are just crashing this party, lol,
you must check out her blog and take a look at the talent
that this incredible and generous woman has.

So what's a party without music! And dance!
Here is a video that will get us all movin' and shakin'!
It is one I featured a few weeks ago here at 'ocean breezes':

Stay as long as you wish....this party could go on for a while.

Just to note, the photos in this post are taken from
some of my past posts.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and come back again.
Also, please check out the other 'party goers'......
I hear we have a 'full house'!!!

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