Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

A walk through the dune grass........

Even in winter this walk can be magical.


  1. Your dog is the perfect colour for photographing. She looks lovely with all the natural backgounds you take photos of.

  2. Sophie could stalk prey without being discovered, she's the perfect color for the dune grass. Thanks for the trip about the refresh button. What I have done is just enter some letters and click publish until I get something I can see. Once I tried about ten times because the post written by a blogger I didn't know, was so powerful and I really, really wanted to leave a comment. In the end I gave up. I get tons of spam but most of it goes into my spam folder or is left for me to decide weather to publish or not. I have my settings for comments to need my approval after two posts. That way, the current post's comments get published right away and then I have some control over what comes next. Please share this with Ron and thank him for removing the Word Verification. I'll get to his blog too and will thank him then, but now I must go walk Samson before the sun comes up.

  3. Is that a teeny-tiny crop circle that Sophie has discovered?

  4. Replies
    1. It always is Fiona no matter what season.

  5. I can imagine the rustling sounds she makes in the grasses.

    Yes, magical!

    1. It is very fleeting, as she usually runs through! It is dry this time of year so has a crackling sound, sort of.

  6. The world from Sophie's view!

  7. Sophie can disappear in there; her colours are similar to the grass!

  8. Hello Jim,
    Sophie really tones in! Such beautiful shots also, well done!

  9. Jim, I have to tell you, I think winter is magical - it's just a different kind of beauty!
    You have an eye for capturing beauty! I wanted to run along that path through the dunes, smell the fresh salt air, and drink in the sky.
    Have a good one!


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