Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Let's Go Shopping

Here are my 'digs' every Monday till the end of October.
My little room is about 12' by 8'.
And believe you me, I have almost reached full capacity!!
As you will see....

Most of the framed photos are by a famed Nova Scotia photographer, W.R. Macaskill.
I have collected quite a few over the years.
Most of these are from the late 30's and 40's and are 'hand-tinted'.

Part of the jadeite collection I stored away for a 'rainy day'.

A few Nova Scotia hooked rugs, and shelves of Fire King/Pyrex/Banded Ring/Glassware.

'Paint-By-Numbers' were the rage back in the late 50's and early 60's.
They are becoming 'collector items' now.
I remember doing a few back in the day.

Jade (plant) with Jadeite ware.

Looking down the hall in this very old large house called MacDonald House.
It was privately owned for decades by the MacDonald family
who also had a hotel across the road and there was even a church on the property.
Most of the buildings burned down in the 50's except for this house.
The government of Nova Scotia owns it and it is on Provincial Park Lands now.

Another wall filled with more paintings/prints Fire King Sapphire ware and planters.

From the hall looking in....I have mixed a lot of white milkglass, white pyrex bowls,
 a couple of Rosenthal vases and Spode ware and Milkglass Hobnail with Amy's (the owner of the
women's vintage clothing shoppe next door and from whom I am leasing
my room).

Amy, I feel, has a very good eye for colour and she changes things around
all the time when she gets the inspiration, which is often!

She wanted a splash of WHITE for these shelves...so I went 'digging'!

There are two of the 'paint-by-number' paintings that I did in 1962.
They have resided at my parent's house up till a few years ago.

I am really enjoying this little venture I have taken on.
My main goal is to empty out our basement
and hopefully not have to bring anything back home.

I enjoy meeting all the people that come through this wonderful
old house. Most are tourists and are getting a meal at the Tea Room Cafe downstairs.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of a little room stocked full of mid-century items.

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