Friday, March 5, 2010

Film Crew at the Beach

For the past week there's been a 'motion picture' crew at the beach. The parking lot is full with trucks, trailers and people who look busy running from truck to truck. Whenever I see a film crew around town there is always a sense of excitement generated by the hustle and bustle of the crews and equipment.

Don't know what is being filmed...."'s a secret"....a friend was told. The weather has been so overcast and windy this past week I can't imagine what they are doing. Who knows!

As I was passing all the trucks Sophie, my dog, had to go explore and sniff all these new things. She weaved herself in and around a few trailers until I called her back to the boardwalk. Hey, she listened!! She is three years old now and starting to pay attention much more to commands.....yeah!

So we proceeded along the path with the wind (and I mean WIND) behind and on the left side of us. The temperature was zero but with the wind chill it was colder. I picked up the pace so as to warm up more quickly. In the distance I could see Sophie's 'beach pals', Ashe and Remi and their owner coming towards us. I said I saw Ashe and Sophie was off to greet them. When I caught up to them all three dogs were playing and rolling in the beach grass. The dogs met last summer on the beach......Ashe came running towards us and took a real liking to Sophie. Ever since Sophie will keep her eye open for them.

Actually, if truth be known, Sophie is primarily interested in the human who owns the dogs. She has figured out that most dog owners carry around a few 'tasty morsels' to be shared no less! Soph does eventually get around to acknowledging the dog and depending on how interested the other dog is she will oblige and play.

So, after the humans chatted a bit, Sophie and I were off . After all the playing, she was a little heated up and she knew exactly how to remedy this. To the left and right along this section runs a series of small and shallow ponds (full of bullrushes in the summer) and today Sophie chose the first one on the left side. I looked and saw that it was pretty clear and no obvious mud to worry about later. So off she went. Dropped her ball and laid down on her belly to cool off. She feels 100% better after these little dips. After a few attempts at getting her ball out of the water, she appeared back up on the trail with me. After a good shake or two, she looked up at me and gave me the look that she was ready to proceed.

We were almost to the point where we turn and head back. Today I had lots of energy, and, if it had been less windy, we would have climbed up the big hill to our right. Wait for a better day I said to myself. So turn we did.

Sophie loves it when we turn around and head back. I don't have a clue why! Maybe she likes to re-smell and re-visit every little thing.

Nobody else was around on the way back. So Sophie and I just walked with the wind hitting our right side now. Actually it kind of helped us along.....

We went passed the movie crew. No one in sight. Wonder if they are filming a 'surfing' movie? But this time of year?

Sophie jumped into the back seat. I settled into the driver's seat and headed home.

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