Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Day in the Sun

Spent hours walking three beaches yesterday looking for sea glass and playing with Sophie.

Got on the road early and headed for the South Shore. Since we live on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, it takes about an hour to reach the southern coastline of N.S. The first was Queensland Beach. We spent many an afternoon at this beach in the 70's.......beach was always full to the limit and it was blistering hot most of the time. Back to March 2010.......sun was shinning and we had the beach to ourselves. Sophie was beyond happy to get out of the car and start sprinting after her ball.

Found a few pieces of glass after traversing the beach a couple of times. Since it was almost noon we decided to see if this cafe we really like was opened this time of year. Yes it was! We ate, gave Sophie some water to get her ready for the next beach.

Ten minutes later we were in Mill Cove....a little village mostly with summer cottages but some permanent residences. Got to the tiny beach in the village and we hit paydirt!!! So much glass that out pants pockets were bulging. All colours too....mainly clear but a few pieces of cobalt blue, one pale yellow (probably vaseline glass), amber, of course green and brown (beer bottles) and one piece an amethyst colour....very pale and translucent.

Since we could hardly fit any more into our pockets, we decided to empty them out in the car and head home. The beach was small but we must have been there for two hours. Sophie was exhausted from the running and swimming.

So headed home we did. But on the way we saw this other beach, Cleveland's, and convinced ourselves that there was a rare piece of sea glass there waiting to be found. Our instincts were right. There was a piece of cobalt blue glass was just lying there asking to be picked up. And of course we did.

We started collecting this glass a few years back. Don't know what we're going to do with it but have a few ideas that may work out. I find the history of glass interesting. A lot of it is discarded beer bottles from boaters/fishermen. But some that you find is very old and could be from medicine bottles, drinking glasses, plates, light fixtures, and other household goods from the past.

So a great day was had ! Lots of sun, walking and discovery. This is the start of possibly an early spring here in Nova Scotia. Why did I just say that!!! Probably just jinxed it.......

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