Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Early start

Very busy day so far.....yikes, it's 3:30 already! That's OK. I enjoy days that just unfold in front of you. But I also like ones that have some structure. Guess today had a little of both.

Up early(seems even earlier with the 'time' change) and got right to it. Made a really nice smoothie using banana, pear and strawberries as the fruit base. Topped that off with hemp protein powder and crushed flax seed with a little room left for almond 'milk'. Nice.

Today is my day to bring lunch to my father. He is 94 years old and lives on his own with help from his kids for the main meal of the day. Since I had more energy than usual today, I decided to be a little more inventive with the meal. Since I would be eating with him and remembering that he is a lot less adventurous when it comes to food than I am, I decided to go with fish. I guess he has had chicken for the past 3 days,so a little variety would be nice.

Got out all the pots I needed and got the basmati rice going. Since I would be taking the meal already cooked to him, it didn't matter about having everything cooked at the same time. Put the haddock in a skillet with a little water and S/P....brought it to a boil and covered and shut it off. It would cook in its steam.

Next came the carrots and green peas. Pretty basic I thought. How could I gently 'spice it up' a bit to make it more interesting. So got out 2 onions and cup them into very fine rings. Put these into a pot with a little boiling water and they simmered until done. (I feel like I'm writing a TV food show script.)

Then I thought that a mild cream sauce would top the fish off nicely. A little butter,melted, and a bit of flour.... stir and add milk. It was very boring. So I thought some feta cheese could give it some flavour.....and it did. Oh yeah, those onions were put in the cream sauce and voila! Wasn't that bad at all. Even my father commented that it was good.

After making sure that Dad was fed and comfortable, I headed home to go to the beach for a nice long walk. Packed the dog and the partner (kidding) in the car and off we went. It was low tide so we had plenty of beach to walk on and lots of room to throw the ball for Sophie. She was very happy to be there. Down the beach a ways, we noticed a blackish object moving around. At first we thought it was a dog but as we got closer we could see that it was a beached seal. Since the wind was blowing from the opposite direction, Sophie did not pick up the scent. Good. We turned around and headed in the other direction and realized that the tide will take it out later in the day. This beach has a reputation to attract seals. Most of the time they are dead....like two years ago when there were over thirty of them. Natural Resources didn't know what caused there death but it looked pretty suspicious since all were headless. Kind of gross I know. So needless to say all us dog owners are very careful this time of year and into the summer.

Just notice that some 'Snow Drops' are in bloom out in the front garden......getting closer to 'digging' time! Actually got the patio furniture out of the shed today.......watch it snow like crazy in the next few days.

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