Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Remembering a Life

This time of year is very cuspy (if that is a word).......kind of like being an adolescent.....not wanting to be a child any longer while not willing to let go of the perks either, but at the same time wanting to 'grow up' real fast. March, here on the east coast of Canada, plays with ones emotions of wanting winter to go away and expecting the spring to arrive and stay.

So with these emotions playing with me the past few days it is no wonder that I soon found something very familiar surfacing from my subconscious. My husband, Ron, had been unusually quiet this morning. I went over to him and looked into his face. I knew immediately what it was today......the anniversary of his mother's death.

It was in 1998 around 10AM that Tommy (her father wanted a boy) passed away. It was cold and snowy. A lone crow was perched on the maple outside her window. Everything was quiet for a while. We held each other for a while....not wanting this time to come but also welcoming it.

Tommy was part of her community for 76 years. She was born in the house in which she died. She had seven brothers and sisters and from some of the stories I heard it was a very active home. She married a fella from a neighbouring town who was somewhat of a sports legend in the area. They had two sons after WW2 was over.

After re-enlisting in the air force and preparing for the Korean War, Tommy was left a widow. Her husband was killed in a practice session. This was a major blow for her. With the help of friends and particularly her mother, Tommy got back on her feet and began her life anew.

On this March 9th., twelve years after her death, I wanted to recognize this extremely strong woman. I know there's a lot of people out there with similar stories and recollections of their loved ones. Memories stay with us forever. It's as though the spirit of the individual tags along too.

The more I think about it, this time of year is chalk full of feelings of angst and excitement. Soon life will be abundant again and the memories of winter will simply be that......memories.

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