Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Spring!!!!!!

At 2:32 P.M. today, ADT (Atlantic Daylight Time), Spring will have sprung ! So in celebration I thought it would be a good idea to transplant a tree.

Only having one major snow storm this winter, and the temperature has been higher than usual, the ground was very pliable . I had one tree in mind for this 'transplant'. I planted a native Hemlock about three years ago and it was growing very well. Only problem was that I didn't look up when I planted it. Our clothes line is directly above the tree and in a few years it would be touching it.

Picked out a spot on the other side of the yard and I began to dig a trial hole. You see, along the coast of Nova Scotia there is a lot of rock and most properties in my neighbourhood needed a lot of fill to cover the rock. So the first hole I managed to get down about six inches. On to the next about two feet away.....same thing. I was moving closer and closer to a large shrub, a Forsythia. What now? I figured if it is growing well, there must be enough soil in that location. And besides I never liked that bush anyway. Out it came with a bit of digging and cutting. Lots of room and soil. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice one thing for another.

So I dug a good sized hole and filled it with some really good leaf compost and mixed it around. Then over to the Hemlock. It was pretty stubborn at first but after a few deep digs and a couple of cut roots, it was free. This is the best time to move things around in your least in this area......not too hot and coolish nights. Gives the plant time to adjust before summer hits.

Off to the new location with the Hemlock. The hole I had dug was just right. I put more compost around it and watered it well. And now we'll see if it 'takes' and that I didn't shock it too much. Our garden has been pretty forgiving most of the time.....we haven't lost that many things over the years here.

It is so good to out and dig in the soil! I recommend it to everyone. If you don't have a yard, just go and buy a plant pot and a bag of soil and of course a plant. And plant it. Care for it and watch it grow. Great for the soul!

Sophie, my dog, had to get into the action too. She watched intensively as I planted the tree and cut down the bush. She loved the latter because it was more sticks for her to chew up and choke on! She was getting pretty frisky so I dug out her swimming pool from the shed. Well, she thought she'd died and went to heaven! She sat in the dry pool until I hooked up the hose and filled it. She had a ball.

Happy Spring!
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