Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What winter?!

Just sitting here talking with Ron and we both realized that it was March already and that we hadn't even noticed the winter we had this year. Maybe it was due to the fact that we are outside every day with Sophie, our dog. We go to one of the three beaches nearby and walk for an hour. While walking, if the tide is out, we look for 'sea glass'. Over the past couple of years we have collected quite a mass of it! All colours. We freak out if we come across a piece that is hard to cobalt blue, red or orange. So this walking the beach and looking down most of the time gets through the humdrum months of January and February.

Thinking about how this winter seemed to have gone by very quickly, lead us to talk about the past ten years....and the ten years before that. We were busy with working, gardening, walking dogs, dealing with family matters and just living each day as it came.

Time does go by quickly. That is why I think it is so vital to 'live in the moment'. I know this is a very cliche thing to say nowadays. But think about it. What could be more important than right now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is something we make up in the present that keeps us from appreciating it (the present).

We have already been planning what plants (shrubs) we are going to move this permitting! It's a good thing we have seasons. How else would one have the time off from gardening to see 'what has to be done'?

Time to head to the beach.
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