Friday, March 12, 2010

Off Again......

Off to the Valley this A.M. Nothing specifically in mind other than to hike along a canal. Sophie loves this of her first places to visit when she was a pup.

Highway 101 was clear and quiet this morning. It was past the early 'rush hour', so we whipped along unimpeded by traffic. There was still some snow in the woods and pastures. Guess living by the ocean has it's benefits this time of year....snow disappears earlier than the rest of the province.

Sophie slept all the way and we listened to CBC 'talk' radio. Before we knew it we were driving through Wolfville, a town with lots of memories for us both. We spent a few years there and plenty a weekend as well. Great little place with a university and spectacular scenery.

Ron drove up over the hill and down into the Gaspereau Valley. Winery workers were out tending and readying the vineyards for the approaching season. We soon got to the tiny parking area at the canal and let Sophie out.

She immediately started her sniffing regime to get her bearings. There! she's ready for her ball (her security soother) and away we went, following the canal to as far as we can. Along the way we met up with two Border Collies. They are focused (no surprise there) on their owners and Sophie is too...on their owners! She will approach the women first because she knows they are the ones with the treats. She is successful with one and tries so hard not to knock her off her feet!! Luckily the woman knows dogs and takes it all in her stride.

So Sophie is very pleased with herself now and feels it's time to take a dip in the canal. We get the point and throw her ball into the water. Away it goes with the current but she knows exactly what to do and meets up with the ball at a precise point. And back she comes for another throw..... etc. etc. You get the point.

Got some pics of the canal and Sophie along the way. After the walk we had lunch in Wolfville at a little bistro. The food was great and we were entertained by watching/listening to this very eccentric older gentleman who greeted everyone in the place. Spring brings everybody out.

It was 10 degrees in the Valley today....another sure sign that spring was just about here. Yahoooooo!

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