Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday's Selection

I thought of this selection ( from the 1975 'live' recording at the Opera in Koln, Germany) while listening to something very similar yesterday. It reminded me of what Keith Jarrett sounded like.

Hadn't listened to him in quite a while. So I thought it would be a good one for today. It is a bit lengthy, almost 10 minutes, but a great background piece while you are waking up, having your tea or coffee, or just doing nothing.

I was first introduced to this musician in 1979 in Vancouver, British Columbia. (Ron and I lived there for a few years.) It was played for every warm-up at the modern/contemporary dance classes I took back then.

I went out and bought the 'album' immediately. Jarrett was and still is a great improviser. He can take you along with him without you even noticing it happened.

So do whatever you have to, or not have to, and enjoy this great musician. Have a great day.

Saturday, October 30, 2010





Retro Saturday

We love old lamps around here! Always have an eye open for one in our 'travels'.

A few we 'inherited' from Ron's Mom.

One I remember getting for $2.00 at a YWCA sale way back in the '80's! The glass is like an art-glass piece.

Got this one at the Sally Ann last year and the shade just yesterday at the same place!

This pink and gold one we got at some sale, somewhere.....don't remember. But I loved the colours.

Most of the lamps we get are just the bases, and we keep a outlook for shades that will fit somewhat, and suit the base.

I like the effect that a lamp can have on a room and the ambiance it can create. We have quite a few scattered around the house.

Now that the days are getting shorter, the lamps are working at full tilt. And there's nothing more cozy than snuggling up near one with a good book or whatever.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Feel Good Friday

I got the flu shot the other day and ever since, I feel like crap.

Got me thinking about how easy it is to 'jump into' the mindset of always feeling lousy about one's self or something that is happening in the world.

It can be very easy to 'give in' to these feeling/emotions and spend the rest of the day wallowing in sorrow for yourself.

I did that last night. Today I had the choice to stay in that awful state of self pity or to push myself into a better 'frame of mind'.

Different things work for different people. Since I have an appointment this afternoon with my Qi Gong/Massage therapist, I thought I'd start the day with  Qi Gong......a series of seven, repetitive movements. It's much like Tai Chi.....same family. 

It took about 8 minutes to complete and I am not kidding you that I felt a whole lot better than I did before I started. I changed my focus....from thinking about how bad I felt to thinking about something else.

Qi Gong is an energy balancer. And believe me, my energy was pretty low at first but I pushed myself to do it.

While doing these movements I looked out a window and saw the Bearberry bush in all it's fall colours. I thought I HAVE to take a few shots of this bush. The results are in this post.

What do you do to 'get yourself going' when you feel you can't do anything?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nothing Lasts Forever

I just love the colours of the trees this time of year. And I know through your blogs, some of you do as well.

It's amazing the change that occurs just because of the change in temperature and change in daylight.

Change is occurring all of the time....everywhere. As evidenced in these pictures I took last week of  maple leaves, they are losing their colour and starting to decay.

Nothing lasts forever in this world of ours. It took me a long time to 'get my head around' this fact. Impermanence is what it is called. Everything eventually dies.

As soon as I accepted this fact, I began to see things a lot differently. I appreciated my family more. I noticed things that I hadn't before about the members of my family.  Nature  doesn't last, as we see every autumn and winter.

I took notice of the things around me because I realized they / it will not last. This helped me learn to 'live in the moment' more often instead of fretting about some trivial thing that may be bothering me.

Some believe that we will 'live on' after this body of ours ceases to exist. I look at it ,our body, as the dwelling place of the 'energy', 'spirit'/soul that made us 'alive' in the first place.

When the body dies, the energy of that individual is released into the universe from where it come.

There, I have it all figured out!! lol . Just some 'food for thought' for this 'thinking out loud' Thursday morning.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wet Wednesday

Just got back from a walk on the Lawrencetown Boardwalk/Trail. Rain was predicted and we wanted to get the walk in before it started.

The rain started as we were pulling into the driveway. It's more like a dark 'deep November' day than an October one........except that it is very foggy and relatively mild, 15 degrees C.

It's one of those days that I like to just take it easy.......doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Nothing too mind exerting, just relaxing.

On this note I would like to share with you a quote I got today from TUT'S Adventure Club to which I subscribe (it's free). He calls it a note from the Universe:

Isn't it your triumphs over adversity, surprise rebounds, and stellar comebacks that you look back on with the most fondness, Jim? Far more than the easy, cake for breakfast and pajamas in the afternoon, kind of times?

    The Universe

My answer would have to be a resounding yes! What would you reply?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Halifax for Flu Shots

Yesterday we left early to go to Halifax for our annual Flu shots. And on the way I took a few pics of the city.

We live about 35 km. from Halifax. On a 'good' day it will take about 30-40 minutes to get there.

As we approach the MacKay Bridge that will take us from the city of Dartmouth to Halifax, we slow down to pay the toll and proceed across.

It has quite a view of the surrounding area. This is called the Bedford Basin. During WW2 this was filled with Allied war ships and supply ships. Of course I was told this.....way before my time!

                      Bedford Basin
Also, right under this bridge was where the 1917 Halifax Explosion occurred. Both sides of the harbour were completely leveled. 

You can see the other bridge ( MacDonald) in the distance and the mouth of Halifax Harbour to the Atlantic Ocean.

Halifax was founded in 1749 by the British. Before this, they (the British) fought the French and their ally, the Mi'kmaq, for years for control of Nova Scotia. The Acadians, the French who live here, are a thriving minority today and there are regions where French is the first language.

This picture shows the Town Clock that dates way back to the 1700's and is situated on Citadel Hill which was a British fortress and today is a national park.

After we got our flu shots and being just next door, we decided to go into the Halifax Public Gardens. These are Victorian gardens.  Here we go.

               Main gate entrance
I worked in these gardens for four years when attending university. Learned a lot about gardening and cutting grass! 

                  Who's that! Oh yeah, Ron.
I always loved the large water fountains/monuments here.

I remember as kids my parents would take us here to feed the ducks.

                    Times have changed.
We just saw a similar tree we have in our garden.....yikes! Never knew it grew so BIG!

                   Katsura Tree
As you can see there was still some colour in the Gardens.

The Gardens will be closing very soon till the spring. Too bad. It would be good to see it covered in snow! A whole different look.

                  Couldn't resist this shot....the seagull didn't move an inch!
Hope you enjoyed this little/long tour of Halifax, my hometown. So much more to see. Another time.

Victorian beds
                 Ron with matching large-leafed tree

Monday, October 25, 2010

Contemplative Monday

Mahatma Gandhi. We have all heard of him and know that he was a man who believed in a 'peaceful' resolution to everything.

His philosophy in life was a very positive one and he had great hope for mankind. 

Positive thinking leads to a happy and healthy life for us all.

What we believe can and does directly affect our well-being.........even on a cellular level.

He said:

'Your beliefs become your thoughts
 Your thoughts become your words
 Your words become your actions
 Your actions become your habits
 Your habits become your values
 Your values become your destiny'


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday's Selection

Today's pick is by a musician named Stephane Grappelly. He was born in Paris in 1908 and died in Paris in 1997.

He was a self-taught violinist, and before he was 20 he met a fellow musician, Django Reinhardt, and they formed probably the most famous jazz quintet of all time called the 'Quintette du Hot Club de France in 1934.

Grappelly has a playfulness about him when he plays and he can hop around his violin like nobody's business.

Hope this selection will ease you into your Sunday.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Retro Saturday

I have got to STOP ( or at least attempt to) buying stuff!! There is no more room in the basement to put it all!

I seriously have to start to sell some, so I will have more room. That was the original plan a few years back. Buy things I like, and can use for a while in the house, then sell it after I retire.

Now that we 'find' ourselves being retired (albeit a 'forced' one but nonetheless retired), it's time to think of a strategy by which to sell it. It really is getting ridiculous down there. Vintage Christine would be in her glory in our basement.

I'm working on it.

But today I want to show you a few things I got at Value Village last weekend. It can be difficult to get 'deals' at this place but if you are persistent and dig around a bit, you will find something that appeals to you. Like this:

This is called a 'fan dish'. I found it on a bottom shelf with other stuff on top of it. I immediately thought it was beautiful and very pretty. There is a peacock in the middle of it. I knew nothing about it.....till I got home and looked it up.

It is made by Satuma of Japan and there are a few of these, but not identical, out there. They go for about 75.00 online........I got it for 7.00 .

 Now something quite different from a piece of china and to me just as appealing, are three glass 'tumblers'.

I have been 'collecting' these for just over year now and have quite a few. They are cheap but vintage. They go for about .99 cents for the taller ones and .49 cents for smaller ones. Can't beat that!

The design is definitely 60's. Makes me think of 'go-go' dancers and 'mod' designer clothes.

This little juice glass looks like it could be a 'banded' piece of glassware, for which I have a 'soft spot'.

It is vintage as can be seen on some of the bands........they are worn.

Don't have a clue why I like these glasses other than the colours and designs. Something (memory) is triggered and the next thing I remember is being at the cashier! lol  

I have always been a collector, as can be seen around the house and the state of the basement. I am sure a few of you have a few things hidden away in your attics or basements too.

Here's to a great weekend for you all.

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