Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday's Selection

Thought I'd start a regular Sunday theme by posting different selections from our vast music collection of CDs. Of course I will have to find them on You Tube first.

Todays selection is by a composer named Erik Satie. He was born in Honfleur, Basse-Normandie, France in 1866. He was considered an eccentric and was part of the avant-garde set in Paris.

He didn't like the whole Impressionist movement at the time even though Debussy and Ravel ( Impressionists themselves) were his friends. I guess he could be considered one of the first 'minimalists'. His music is clear and to the point.

Erik Satie died on July 1, 1925 and is buried in Cimetiere d'Arcueil, Arcueil, France.

The piece by Satie I chose is called Je Te Veux (I Want You). Hope you enjoy it.

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