Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A 'Meet-Up' With Blog Buddies

A couple of months ago a blogger friend, Stew Adams from 'A Brighter Side Of The Grave",
contacted us and told us he and his husband, Ed, would be in Halifax on June 13th.

This is our first 'meet-up' with someone from the blog world......

Can you see something peeking out from around that piece of land?

This was about 8:30 A.M last Thursday morning in the parking lot at the Park
 facing out towards the mouth of the harbour.

This looked like it could be the ship we were looking out for...
even the Cormorant on the rock noticed it!

The cruise ship approached very slowly and I understood why.....traffic in the harbour.

Sophie knew something was up as I caught her in the rear-view mirror.
She senses things you know.

Yes, this was the ship! The Carnival Glory as it was passing McNab's Island.

These two guys above were the 'greeting' band that played a few tune as the ship docked.
Here's a sample above:

It took a while to unload 3000 tourists, so we waited in the reception area of the pier.

Then we went up onto the roof to get a better view as the ship was moving closer to the pier.
You can actually see this if you look closely at the above video.

Lots to photograph up there, right Ron?!

We headed back down when we thought most passengers were on shore by now.
And sure enough we saw Stew and Ed heading towards us.
Good thing they looked exactly like their photos on the blog!!

Sophie let them shake her paw as she could see that they really were excited to meet her!
She knew they left their dog, Pugsley, back home in Michigan.

So we headed to the park for a long walk and a chance to become acquainted with these guys
who were very far from home.

Stew and Ed are in the funeral business and Stew's blog is full of very discreet stories
of their adventures and the people they meet.

At one of the British forts at Point Pleasant Park.

So quite naturally I thought it would be appropriate to make a stop at Halifax's oldest cemetery.
There are over 10,000 people buried here....it's not that big.

The 'boys' were very interested in what was here 
and they found out from the tour guide below (in blue)
that a grave of the man who burned  the White House was here!!
His name was Major General Robert Ross, (click) a British officer.

We were very happy that there just happened to be a 'guide' there that day. 
He was very informative and explained to us the different insignia on the 

Myself, Stew and Ed at this huge epitaph at the entrance to the Old Burying Ground.

All the grave yard exploring and the walk in the park took us to our favourite
Greek restaurant in Halifax, The Blue Olive.

We were all so hungry that it didn't even occur to me to take
photos of the appetizers and main course!

But I did manage to get these dessert shots which were wonderful.

And when the owner, Jimmy, stopped by the table to see us,
whom we have known for a few years now,

he said the desserts were 'on the house'!!

So with full bellies we were ready to continue the tour of our fair city.

And where else!? Since Halifax was in close proximity to the location of the sinking 
of the Titanic, over 100 graves mark the final resting place for some of the 
victims of this tragic event of April 15, 1912.

Including the 'Leonardo DiCaprio' character, J.Dawson.

I think Ron and I are the only two people we know 
that didn't see this movie.

Ed was in his 'element' and was off exploring this grave yard
for a while.

As you can see, he was having a ball looking 
for fancy letter insignia spelling out HALIFAX.
And he did it!!

Here is the tomb of the 'unknown child' who was 
finally identified in 2008.

Seeing all these tombstones with the exact same date of death was
overwhelming and difficult to get one's head around.

It really brought home this tragedy that effected so many people.

Needless to say, after the sombre grave yard tour, it was time to have some fun!
And of course Sophie is an expert in this field! She and Stew had a ball on 
the grass in front of the Dingle Tower.

If this looks like the lions that are in Trafalgar Square in London,
then you are close to being correct, as this and its mate are 
modeled after the ones there.

Sophie and I stayed behind as Ron, Stew and Ed walked up the more than 100 steps
of this tower to see the view from above.

So as Sophie and I waited for the boys to return, 
I had a chance to think about how good it was
to meet real, actual blog people and I discovered that they are
not a figment of my imagination! 

And I couldn't have been more happy to meet Stew and Ed
who are very down-to-earth people and ones that 
have a zest for life and a deep appreciation
for living in this wonderful world we all share.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your post Jim. I've met one fellow blogger before who was also as lovely in person as they are on the web. You're perfect hosts, and desserts on the house - I'm on my way!

    1. LOL! Thanks Craig, we had fun showing off our fair city to the boys. I do think most bloggers are good people too.

  2. Lovely day, super friends, Halifax in all its glory, and desert "on the house" me too, Craig, a great idea... I'm getting travel plans !!! Greetings to all, YES, all, including you Sophie, Stew and Ed too, enjoy the rest of your trip and a safe journey home. Jean,way down under in NZ.

    1. It was yummy Jean! lol Thanks for stopping by and have a great week in NZ!

  3. What a great post, Jim! Such an amazing area to visit. I felt like I was touring along with all of you. It is so much fun to meet in person the bloggers you interact with on the web.

    1. It really was fun Martha and I hope you get to do the same in your beautiful city of Kingston in Ontario.

  4. I'm sure that a week would not have been long enough to take in all the sights and spend with such good people. So this wonderful day will have to do in our memories. A day that will not soon be forgotten.
    Thanks for taking the time to spend with us. But that desert was way too much for one little blogger.

    1. LOL! It disappeared before I knew it!! It was good though!Too bad it wasn't sunny and warmer but yes we did make the best of it, Stew.

  5. Great post! I am emailing this link to My Rare One. She reads "A Brighter Side of the Grave" all the time and loves it, although she is a lurker and doesn't leave comments.

    1. Stew will be happy to know that he has a 'lurker' Debra!! Thanbsk for stopping by.

  6. What a great post Jim. You Ron and Sophie are so gracious and your tour and pictures are wonderful. Stew and Ed are lucky fellows.

    1. We were the lucky ones to be able to show off our city to two very gentle men from Michigan.
      thanks Jen. Good to see you!

  7. Wonderful post! What a great experience meeting new old friends! Fab photos documenting the day.

    1. Thanks Pat! Yes, new/old friends....a good way to put it!

  8. Great post, Jim! How I would have liked to have gone along to the graveyard, nice to have you take us along. I'm betting your friendship with Stew and Ed will grow! How fun to meet blogging buddies and spend the day together!

    1. It was fun getting to know 'strangers' in a way. But they made it easy Sharon. These two graveyards are loaded with history and you would have LOVED it too.

  9. A great post! I enjoyed the tour of the Halifax graveyards, and I too was touched by the graves of all the people who died on that tragic day. Where are the people who died in the explosion buried? You really got me going -- now I want to see all the graveyards in your city! Anyhow, it must be so much fun to meet up with blogger friends. I haven't met any yet.

    1. You haven't, Inger? Well you never know as we didn't either till 2 months ago.
      They explosion victims (and I am amazed you remembered this event missy!) are buried at their various cemeteries around the city. My father had a couple of cousins that died then as do a lot of Haligonians. I love graveyards too!

  10. LOVED this post! Isn't meeting with Bloggy Buddies just awesome!? I've done it a few times now, and have NOT been disappointed.

    And, just for the record, I have never seen Titanic, either. =) (I can't stand Leonardo DiCaprio, sorry)


    1. LOL! I couldn't imagine watching all those people die, Lisa! Not my cup of tea.
      Yes our first meeting of blog friends and hopefully not our last.

  11. Wow. What a story! I did not seem that one coming and found it very surprising and interesting.

    1. Thanks Angelika! You would have loved the sights to photograph.

  12. Jim--- what a wonderful day you had with your friends!! ( I left a comment on Sophie's blog saying that I was SO jealous!!!) Halifax is a wonderful and beautiful city-- looks like you gave your friends the royal tour around:)

    Love the photos-- and the cemetary-- and the incredible tower!! A great great day for you all--

    1. I wish the weather was a little brighter and warmer but it was a good day, Vicki! yes. That Tower is something else with fantastic views. Have a great week and enjoy photographing the scarves!!

  13. Stew writes an interesting blog too
    Best wishes to all of you x

    1. He does, John and from a very different point of view. Thanks John. When are you and chris heading this way?

  14. I would travel many miles to meet Sophie -- oh, and you guys, too.


    1. She would LOVE you Janie! And we would too!

  15. Hi Jim, what a fantastic and fascinating post! I love the photos! Interesting that you show a headstone of Everett Edward Elliott! Not sure if you know this or not, but my surname is Elliott! Yes, I was born an Elliott...and was married for 15 years until my husband decided he wanted a divorce in 1998. So I am an Elliott now. Although my parents and I were born here in Montreal, my father's parents were born in Kent, England. Here in Montreal on Mount Royal Cemetery we also have some titanic victims buried there. Thanks so much for this post!

    1. What a coincidence Linda! I know some people here with the Elliott surname.
      I didn't know some of the Titanic victims were buried in Montreal. thanks for dropping by.

  16. Oh my gosh! I am jealous on so many levels!! I would love to meet you guys and awwwwwww SophieDoodle! I would love to experience the beauty of your place and all the history! And the Titanic! For some reason, I am intrigued by it all and have seen the movie a number of times. Gary had never seen it until we went to see the 3D version... it was awesome in 3D! A tearjerker... but of course we all know it was not a happy ending.
    I met one of my blogger friends last year for the first time and it was so cool! I would love to take a month and just travel and meet some of the people I have been blog-friends with... Maybe on retirement.. lol. It looks like you all had a great time. I will have to check these guys blog out, sounds very interesting.

    1. Hi Bobbi! It is fun eh to meet blog friends! So make sure you two head this way on that month off!!

  17. Lucky bloggers! You and Ron, Sophie, Halifax and dessert! It doesn't get any better.

  18. I came to see if my comment was here - I think my Internet went kaput just when I sent it last evening! I've had some fun meeting blog friends, too. At first I wan't sure the graveyard was a good venue - they've probably seen a few in their line of work. However, looks like a good time was had by all. Those desserts! I'm going to have to visit their blog.

  19. I really enjoyed your post Ron, so neat to finally meet a blog friend.

  20. Just dropped by from Stew's blog. Nice to meet you.
    The 'Titanic' graves look fascinating. But very sad.

    1. Hi AJ! It's like I know you already as Stew has mentioned you often and I 'see' you at his posts regularly.
      We had a great time showing Stew and Ed around our little city as best we could considering the weather. It was good to meet these guys.
      And good to meet you too.


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