Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh Go Play In The Corner !

And that I did yesterday morning as I looked up from my laptop 
and noticed all the colour coming from the corner opposite me.

These are flowers that our company brought on the weekend..

All the colours in the corner seemed to blend together nicely.

I love this time of year when I can get my favourite vases out to fill with flowers.

Chania from 'Razmataz' mentioned that she always cuts all of her Peony buds
and brings them in to bloom.

What a great idea, I thought. As she said they will last longer inside
 and not get beaten down by wind and rain.

So out I went and picked the first two peony buds I found

And added them to the cut flowers in the corner.

This way one can have their beautiful scent inside.

This arrangement also matched the Giclee (click) print we got in Cape Cod two years ago.

If you are interested in knowing what this process entails, click here.

As can be seen in lower-left of bouquet, one the Peonies (red) is opening up.

I will be outside today to look for more Peony buds to take inside.

Hope your summer  and winter ( Jean and Davine) 
has gotten off to a good start.


  1. Beautiful blooms there Jim. I love peonies too - such a fabulous scent. Ours are just about to open.

  2. Such gorgeous flowers! It's a wonderful way to brighten up a room. I also really like that picture frame I see in the back. Is that Sophie in that image? And you or Ron?

  3. I'm constantly bringing in the outside flowers for display. That way, I get to see them inside and out. Lovely blooms Jim.

  4. Nothing brightens a room like beautiful cut flowers! And those ones are lovely indeed.

  5. Such a beautiful bouquet! You have such lovely friends. My peonies did not bloom this year, they never even had buds. Now he has mowed them down. If they survive that, maybe I will try that next year!

  6. I love those colors.
    Our peonies are blooming too. They have huge blossoms! :)

  7. Stunning colours pouring warmth all the way from your home to ours, Jim, and I had a wonderful time looking through those Giclee prints at the link. You're right that the arrangement went beautifully with the one on your wall. Thanks also for the beautiful comments. They meant a lot to both of us.

  8. very pretty. Love peonies but those spider mums are quite impressive too! Enjoy.

  9. such gorgeous blooms-I never thought of doing that-bringing in a peony bud to enjoy til it blooms My family peonies that I brought down here to Missouri are not happy at all-this fall I think I will look for a new space for them


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