Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Visitor In Our Front Garden

A couple of weeks ago we noticed a lot of activity outside our kitchen window one day.
There were two Blue Jays scurrying through the Mugo Pine carrying sticks and such.

They usually don't come that close to the house, 
so we were curious as to what they were doing.
It didn't take long to see that they were building a nest
 just above the path that we use frequently.

Here is the Mugo Pine and they have built in the upper left corner 
just below the Copper Beech limb. 

As can be seen in first photo I have been leaving some nuts on the iron railing.
They disappear very quickly and I saw the Jays land at one end and 'work'
their way across the rail.

I have had camera ready for two days now but have failed to catch them as of yet.
I will work on this and get a few photos of them coming and going.
Does anyone know how many eggs Jays usually have?
I don't want to scare them away but they seem to not be afraid at all. Very quiet.
Keep you posted.

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