Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting To Know Me

Here are a few 'facts' about me that you probably never knew (or even want to know!):

I am the third oldest in a family of nine children...two older sisters,two younger sisters
 and four younger brothers.

My sister and I both remember 'flying' down the stairs when we were three and four years.
I know! But we both either had the same dream or 'something' really was up!!

I was an altar boy for six years and loved every minute of it.

I went to an all boys school for grades P to 7, then 'mixed' for 8 and 9, 
then back to all boys for 10 to 12.

I wanted to be a Monk for the longest time, until I went to university.

I went to a Jesuit university for my Bachelor of Arts
 and it was there that I changed my mind about being a Monk.
Not because I didn't like them (the Jesuits), on the contrary, 
they taught us to question everything and I haven't looked back.

I LOVED the 60's. I learned so much about politics and how to change the world. 
And that it was okay to want to change things.

I always knew there was something different about me but could never figure it out
until my best friend told me he was gay....we were about 19 at the time.
I couldn't accept it at first but saw that he was very happy.
When I was about 22 years old I realized what made me different...
I was gay too.

The biggest event in my life was the death of my brother, Bernard.
It put me on a much needed path and gave me direction 
and taught me how wonderful life can be. 
I never took life for granted after his death.
I have always been thankful to him for this.

The next 'life-changer' in my life was meeting Ron.
I honestly never imagined at that time that we would be spending
 the rest of our lives together. 
He has been my rock through all the things that life
throws at us all. And I know I have been there for him as well.

Today we are hosting a 'summer of 1968 reunion' of my friends at that time.
There were just six of us that had a great time. My friend, John, who 'came out' to me
died about 10 years ago....he was an integral member of this group.
A woman, Jean, can't make it but Dilly, Paulette and Mike will be here.
Will be fun to try remember things and wish we didn't !! lol

Photos of a Alba Rugosa Rosa (white rose).

And just like this photo of another part of the Rugosa Rosa that is much overlooked,
life throws curves at all of us  and they can be prickly at times.
But they are all important parts of our lives.

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