Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

A compilation  of the week in photos.....

Sophie leading the way......

'Wild' flower in the park.

Here's another....wish I knew their names.


Sailing twins.

Mr.Buffy would very far from home to be posted here.

A needed stop at a lake for Sophie on a very hot day last week.

It was so refreshing! Sophie told me so.

A 'native' Nova Scotian Rhododenron in the park.

My hammock view.

I was supposed to meet my brother Dennis here last
Saturday but we kept missing each other.



Catching a good breeze.

Who's this handsome dude?

Clouds, poles and a road.


'Waiting' containers.

Let me see....

One busy port!

These mastheads guard the 'Cunard Centre' in Halifax.

Down on the waterfront in Halifax.

Merging the 'old' and the 'new' in downtown Halifax.

An unusual sight.....seeing 3 Labradoodles in one spot! (Porter, Dudley and Sophie)
Golden Doodles are more prevalent.

Add a Poodle to the mix.....

Roof and clouds.

A 'blow up' in a balloon (at a Ford dealership).

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