Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hippie Evolution

Before Paulette, one of the '1968 reunion' friends that was here last week,
left for Ontario we met with her, and her mother.

Alyce, Ron and Paulette. 

We met at a restaurant in Eastern Passage just outside the city of Dartmouth.
Paulette's mother, Alyce, is a hoot! And she provided the entertainment!!

Ron and Paulette.

Alyce is a Nova Scotian who married a man from Boston whom she met while working there.
So Paulette is an American as well as a Canadian. She used to spend her summers here
and that is how I met her back in the summer of 1968.

Ron's chicken club sandwich.

Her mom thought we'd make a 'good pair' and was hoping for the best!!
But to no avail....much to her disappointment to this present day!!

 Paulette and Alyce's clams and salad.

Paulette and I hit it off from the gitgo and become good friends
for a couple of years.....more like buddies than anything else.

 My fishcakes and beans.

As with the rest of the 'reunion' gang we went our separate ways
until about three months ago when a get-together was planned.

 We talked about the time when John, a deceased member of the group, and I hitchhiked
down to Boston in the summer 1968 to meet up with Paulette there.
It was an adventure just getting there...I tell you!
Two hippies trying to get across the border in 1968 was challenging,
to say the least.

The guy in yellow was just standing there and didn't mind at all.

Whole lifetimes have been lived since we saw and spoke to each other so many years ago,
but Paulette and I managed to pick up where we left off
in the hopes of rekindling our friendship.

And with the help of Alyce, I am sure she will do her best too! lol

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