Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A 'Must' Introduction

If you haven't met this wonderful floral plant before, 

then allow me to introduce Rhododendron Subgenus Azalea.

Two years ago we noticed that 'RSA' wasn't blooming.

So we moved it to a brighter spot to get more sunlight.

RSA didn't bloom last year as it was still settling into its 
new locale in the front garden.

The funny thing about RSA is that it is a deciduous Azalea.

This means that it sheds its leaves in the fall and looks like it is dead till the following spring.

Most other Azaleas are coniferous in nature in that they keep their leaves all year round.

So you can imagine our delight this spring when we noticed buds all over RSA!

And in the past week they starting to blossom out into this brilliant orange.

For the past few years now we have noticed that our garden is maturing and therefore changing.

So we have been spending time moving small shrubs 
and plants either to another place of their own,

or to one of the 'nursery beds' where they recover and get stronger for a year or two.

So if you have a garden and are looking for a splash of colour, I highly recommend RSA,
the deciduous type.

These photos are all SOOC.....Straight Out Of Camera.


  1. What a fabulous "look at me" colour. Such a warm tone. I love it. Oddly enough we just added a deciduous azalea in our garden - our first one. It's a peach colour. All our others are evergreen.

  2. this is one stunning shrub, and likes the sunnier spot so much, Beautiful colour, no processing, "Superb" !! Greetings to all, Jean.

  3. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful Azalea. The colour of the flowers is just lovely; such a warm and uplifting tone.

  4. Oh what amazing colours. My Mum used to grow glorious Rhododendrons. I don't have terribly green thumbs.

  5. Congrats on a successful transplant! Jeez, that sounds kinda medical, doesn't it? Oh well, you know what I mean.

  6. Knockout gorgeous! Love the color, wow, no wonder you bought it in the first place! It must love where it is planted now.

  7. if you are ever over this way in the Spring you need to visit the rhodie and azalia collection at the Weyerhaeuser HQ near Tacoma

  8. Beautiful blooms! How wonderful to finally see such lovely success after several years of careful nurturing.

  9. She's a beauty JIm. We've never had much luck with them. We have way to much clay and heat but they are oh so lovely!

  10. Hi Jim, these photos are absolutely gorgeous! My photos are all untouched as well, SOOC, love this! I also love the name. The colour is just lovely and I love the green with it! Thank you so much for sharing this beauty!

  11. Beautiful color.
    We have one in a blood red, that was in full bloom when we left on our adventure.
    It is now turned a deep shade of green to accent our front garden for the rest of the summer. It's one of my favorites in the garden.

  12. Spec-tac-u-lar! I don't miss the New England weather, but I do miss the rhododendrons.

  13. What colors! I'll have to enjoy yours - I'm sure it would be too chilly for it here.

  14. Hello Jim, I forgot to mention that I love your header photo.

  15. Hi Jim so lovely-thanks for all the photos and the introduction


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