Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

Rain and fog didn't stop us this past week:

Our 'stuff' at the shop.

Getting very used to the gray skies this month.

Tried out a new restaurant in Halifax.

Excellent food from local suppliers.

 Sophie and Ron leaving the 'dog salon'. Soph was good as gold we were told.

Walking in the rain the day before Sophie's hair cut.

 Inline image 1

My 'ex 'sister-in-law, Janet, was in town and we met for coffee. 
It was good to catch up with her.

 I like steeples!

Many ways to see Halifax. Let me see.....

Colourful and wet streets.

The 'Dingle Tower' well guarded.

Door to the tower.

One of the two 'guards'.

Keeping an eye on things.....

Nice lion.....

Wild 'Lady Slippers' at the Dingle Park.

This week we met blogger friends who came into town on this cruise ship.
I will do a post on their 8 hour visit this coming week.

Waiting for the ship to dock.

Passengers and crew got a grand welcome from these guys.

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