Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

Busy busy busy week: 

Sophie spoiled? No way!

Bachelor  Button.

 Rhododendron bud.

Hong Kong Rhododendron.

Rugosa Rosa with 'guest'.


French Lilac.

Taking a breather.

Beautiful Rhododendron.

 Sophie on deck.

Sophie teaching this Rotti to swim.

Lady Slipper in the wild.

The Dingle tower in the distance looking down the Northwest Arm.

A 'must' visit if in Halifax.

Tourist boat.

Office building facing the Citadel.

 Clouds and wires.

Inukshuk through an Inukshuk.

Too wild for me!!

Boardwalk at the beach.

Hardy souls!

Red squirrel.

 Part of the Trans Canada Trail going coast to coast.

Rock collection.

On a mission!

The only Rhodo bush in the park.

Containers with whipped cream on top!

 'I'm not doing anything!'

This season's outdoor 'line-up' for  Shakespeare by the Sea.

Sun through Rhodo blossom.

'But I don't want to come in now,Jim.'

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