Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

Things that caught my eye this week:

Literally TONS of blossoms on the Rhododendrons this year,
here are two of the bushes.

These two have settled in with the white Birch quite nicely.

Came across this remnant of a Robin's egg  along the beach trail.

New condo building in Halifax.....looks European in design.

On our only HOT day so far this summer (33 C), we took Sophie to this lake to cool off.

This coming Monday is Canada Day, a national holiday. Canada will be 146 years old!
Oh Canada!

'I have my eye on you Jim. Don't even think about it!'

A 'mural artist' at work in downtown Halifax.

This guy always catches my eye.

My girl.

Path leading to the bridge?

So many people died in the Halifax Explosion of 1917.

These plaques are on a memorial tower to commemorate this tragic event.

I caught part of the chimes one afternoon this week.

This is Lake William in the village of Waverley.

Last Sunday we celebrated my father's 97th birthday 
in this building which he now calls home.

Early morning walk on beach 
and this surfer whipped by to join his buddies already in the water.
Those three darker dots above his head would be them.

Catching a wave......

Hey, she tries to keep up with those other surfers!

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