Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Day At The 'Office'

I work on Sundays....weather permitting in winter.
This winter has been an interesting one, to say the least.

So Saturday night we had a snow storm/blizzard.
On Sunday morning I thought I wouldn't be able to get to the shop
(which is five minutes away by car)
because our driveway was buried in a foot of snow.

At around 9 AM I heard our 'plow guy' out front.
The roads had been plowed as well, so I contacted the ladies
who run the 'tea room' to see if they are opening.
They were, so away I went.

The parking lot was plowed and we were all looking forward to the day.

It was a busy morning but not for us!
There were surfers arriving and parking their cars
because there was no access to parking at the beach
 because of two months worth of snow and Saturday night's.

In the 'surfing world', word travels quickly when the surf is just right.
And come they did!

A little bit of snow wasn't going to stop these guys and gals.
And as soon as they could get on their gear, away they went towards the beach.

Some were at full gallop along the shoulder of the highway.

Even though it was a DEAD day at the shop,
all the activity kept me entertained and busy.
Plus, I started a good book....
'The Life of Pi' by Yann Martel.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Contemplative Monday

The following is from 'The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh' (click)
and published by 'Shambhala Pocket Classics'.

SEEDS (continued from last week)

"Sometimes we act without intention, but that is also action.
"Habit energy" is pushing us; it pushes us to do things without our being aware.
Sometimes we do something without knowing we're doing it.
Even when we don't want to do something, we still do it.

Sometimes we say, "I didn't want to do it, but it's stronger than me, it pushed me."
So that is a seed, a habit energy,
 that may have come from many generations in the past.

We have inherited a lot. 
With mindfulness, we can become aware of the habit energy
that has been passed down to us.
We might see that our parents or grandparents
 were also very weak in ways similar to us.

We can be aware without judgement 
that our negative habits come from these ancestral roots.
We can smile at our shortcomings, at our habit energy.

With awareness, we have a choice; we can act another way.
We can end the cycle of suffering right now."

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Eclectic Tastes

This is a perfect piece of music for some of us in the northern hemisphere.
I suppose it could also be a primer of what's ahead 
for those living in the southern hemisphere......
correct Jean?

Have a wonderful Sunday/Monday everyone.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

I could literally fill this post with snow shots
and winter-related things.
But, if you are like me right now
and wanting a change in your environment,
with warmer, sunnier weather,
then all I could dare post today is a single photo
I took Thursday morning on the 'hill'. 
We are in transition now in Nova Scotia.
We could have anything from bright, warmish days
to dark, gray overcast days,
to an expected snowfall of 15cm today.

What can I say?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Going Once, Going Twice......

You may remember that a friend of ours moved to France last month to join
 and live with her daughter.

Our friend, June, is an artist
Before she left she sold/gave away a lot of things.
We bought a number of ladderback chairs and a ladderback rocker (which we kept).
Also June gave Ron and painting she did of him back in 1987.

Since June's daughter has furnishings of her own,
 they really didn't have room for much of June's.
They only took the things that they treasured.
And, the container they hired for the voyage over the Atlantic,
could only hold so much.

So, these paintings/lithographs were left behind.
I said I would try to sell them or have someone sell them.

They are by a French artist, Marcel Mouly (click to learn more).
 He died in 2008. He was a very prolific artist and is well known for his work.
These three lithographs were bought in the early 1990's in Toronto
when June's daughter, Katharine, lived there.

I really like how colourful they are and they look great on our walls too!

I have contacted a reputable auctioneer firm here to see if they are interested.
I am waiting for a reply.
If not, I may contact a couple of galleries to see if they may be interested.

Until their fate is determined, we continue to enjoy them here at home.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Just Chillin

Sophie and I went up on the 'hill' again today for a walk.
It was 7C with a slight breeze.
The ocean was sparkling with diamonds.
I could have stayed there for hours.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ships and Grass

Down to the 'hill' this morning we went.......

I noticed this warship, probably Canadian,  doing maneuvers off of Halifax.

Being a port city, there are always ships of every kind and size coming and going.

Sophie was more interested  in her new-found grass!
Things are starting to melt around here!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It Was Like A Walk In The Park

.........because it was!

Yesterday we all went to Point Pleasant Park again.
Since the city is not allowing any parking on any street
till the snow is mostly removed, the only place to  park
was in the park's parking lot......and that was on ice.

Nonetheless it was a beautiful chilly day with sun and clouds.

That portion of fence is about five feet tall.
The non-maintained paths in the park were passable 
and frozen, so we walked on top of four to five feet of snow.

Cannon in one of the fortresses.

I am going to miss the snow.
What will I do without contrasts!!??

As kids, my brothers and I used to play in this fort.

Sophie wondering where the grass, any grass, has gone!

A huge cargo ship leaving Halifax Harbour at noon.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Contemplative Monday

The following is from 'The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh' (click)
and published by 'Shambhala Pocket Classics'.


"The purpose of meditation is to look at something deeply and see its roots.
Whatever kind of action we take, if we look deeply into it,
we'll be able to recognize the seed of that action.
That seed may come from our ancestors.

Whatever action we take, our ancestors are taking it at the same time with us.
So father, grandfather, and great-grandfather are doing it with you;
mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother are doing it with you.

Our ancestors are in every cell of our body.
There are seeds that are planted during your lifetime,
but there are also seeds that were planted before you manifested as this body."

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eclectic Tastes

Back in the mid 60's I wouldn't miss any of 
Diana Ross and The Supremes performances on the Ed Sullivan Show.

It was the start of a 'journey' of sorts for me.

In fact, two of my best male friends and myself
put on 'shows' of this famous trio in one of their kitchens.
His mother and little sister were a very captive/and amused audience!

We had a ball.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

Officially, as of last evening here in Nova Scotia,
winter is over
and spring is here.

Let's celebrate the beauty of winter
as we bid it a fond farewell for another year.

Friday, March 20, 2015


One 'positive' that came from our latest snow storm
was we discovered that we forgot to take in a hummingbird feeder in the fall.

It became very obvious with all the snow everywhere.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


We had a HUGE snow storm yesterday.
Yes, it is winter.
But this one was a doozie!
We had over 50 cm/20 inches.
And last night the wind blew it all around.
So it was no use to even tackle it till today.

In the front garden there is easily 3 feet everywhere.

Out back from the basement, Ron was brave enough to make a path for Sophie.
Luckily the snow is a soft/flyaway kind.....very light.
He is using one of our garden spades because our two snow shovels broke
the other day.

Looking out into the back garden from the basement door.

It is going to take a few days to dig ourselves out of this.
We had a couple of guys willing to shovel last month,
but they have mysteriously disappeared.
Thankfully we have a 'plow guy' who looks after the driveway.

The garden shed is half-buried,
haven't seen this much snow since 'White Juan'  (click) back in 2004.

It's been a wild and crazy winter since January 28th
and we have had nine (9) snow falls of varying degrees.

I think we should 'call it a day' for winter.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Setting A Mood

There was another snow storm last night and it is continuing today.

We knew this was coming when we were at Point Pleasant Park yesterday morning.
The colour of the sky was a dead giveaway.
We were happy we were where we were, 
so that we could try to capture the mood.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Trees Have It Made

Most of the time we take trees for granted.
Funny because they are everywhere.
Without them our lives would drastically change.
Not to mention other creatures who depend on them as well.

I have learned to admire trees more ever since Ron,
many years ago on one July day back in 1973,
made me sit down under a tree and look up.
I had never done this before.
I learned a lot that day.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Contemplative Monday

The following is from 'The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh' (click)
published by 'Shambhala Pocket Classics".


"Right now America (the world) is burning with fear, suffering, and hatred.
If only to ease our suffering, we have to return to ourselves and seek
to understand why we are caught up in so much violence.

What has caused terrorists to hate so much that they are willing to sacrifice
their own lives and create so much suffering for other people?
We see their great hatred, but what lies underneath it?

Of course we have to find a way to stop their violence;
 we may even need to keep people locked in prison while their hatred burns.
But the important thing is to look deeply and ask,
'What responsibility do we have for this injustice in the world?'

Responding to violence with violence can only bring more violence,
more injustice, and more suffering, not only to others
but to ourselves.
This wisdom is in every one of us.
When we breathe deeply, we can touch this seed of wisdom in us.

I know that if the energy of wisdom and of compassion
 in the American (world) people could be nourished for even one week,
it would reduce the level of anger and hatred in the country (world)."

*** I added (world).

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Eclectic Tastes

What better way to stay warm while a blizzard is blowing outside.....

Have a wonderful and warm Sunday everyone.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

I want to introduce you all to one very popular young man here in Nova Scotia.
His name is Frankie MacDonald and he has made quite a good name for himself
by forecasting and reporting the weather for not only the Maritimes,
but also all over the world.

Frankie lives in Sydney and has been a weather reporter for at least three years now.
I love the passion he puts into his reports.
And the storm about to lambaste us here in Nova Scotia
tomorrow, has Frankie putting out his warnings to us all!

This has been one heck of a winter so far around here
and we are thankful for having Frankie around to keep us on our toes!
Thanks Frankie!

Friday, March 13, 2015


Our lives changed when we found Sophie eight years ago.
We had had a dog, Jessie, for 14 years
and waited for four years until we saw Sophie and fell in love with her.

It was time to have a dog again and we jumped at it!
The first two years were like what I imagine having a two year old child
for two years straight!
Sophie was a handful.

I know she doesn't look like it now,
but she had her own mind and there was no changing it.

In 'puppy school' she was politely asked to leave the class.
In obedience classes, she lasted maybe four classes
and this time we decided it was just not for her.
She was more interested in playing with the other dogs.

We were very firm and consistent with her after that.
Gradually she started to 'see' things in a way that satisfied us
so she would be safe and relatively obedient.

She was nowhere near as obedient and well-behaved 
as her 'sister' Jessie was.
They were and are different dogs.
And not fair to either to compare them.

Sophie has become an integral part of our daily life.
And we are so grateful for that.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'm Sticking To It

Even though 'spring' doesn't officially arrive here in Nova Scotia
until 20 March, I am unofficially calling it 'spring'.

What's a little bit of snow anyway,
with temps yesterday going up to +12C.

It was so nice out yesterday that we went to three parks....
this on above, Birch Cove Park,
Fort Needham Memorial Park, and our local Lawrencetown Beach
Provincial Park.

I LOVE spring.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blue Skies Smiling At Me.........

Yesterday was another beautiful day here in Nova Scotia.
The temperature went all the way up to +4C.
Perfect for a walk at our favourite park in the city......
Point Pleasant Park.

Sophie and I wanted a good long walk through the whole upper portion
while Ron opted to stay on the lower level where it was flat.

There are three old fortresses in this park, and this is the remains of one of them.

Soph and I had a great walk here....first time since January.
So down this hill we went to find Ron.

And there he was! Sitting on the dock of the bay/harbour!
With camera in hand and an audience of ducks and seagulls.
He called to us and off Sophie went to join him.

But first she had to take her first dip of the year 
after she scared off the seagulls of course!

......Nothing But Blue Skies From Now On

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Can Almost Taste It

I don't care what these photos look like,
but I swear spring is teasing us here along the Eastern Shore.

Ice, snow and water....what more could you ask for?!

I know....grass, warm air and water.

Sophie soaking up morning sunshine.

Fort Needham Memorial Park in Halifax yesterday morning........springlike.....honestly.

Looking out over north end Halifax from Fort Needham hill.


Catching her breath after quite a romp in the snow.

We're not asking for too much, right?

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