Friday, March 6, 2015

Morning In Another Park

We like to visit this park off season because we usually have it all to ourselves.
I know, who in their right mind would visit here in winter?!!
Fine by us......

The sun was hiding behind thick/hazy clouds which allowed for great contrasts.

If you look closely, you will see two robins in the tree.
I'd say spring was near but I would be lying.
We will not see anything near springlike conditions till April sometime.

Don't you just love those dried Beech leaves in the background?

You're right, it doesn't take much to please me.


  1. You still have HEAPS ( pardon the pun) of snow there, love those bare tree trunks, lovely contrast.

  2. There is something strangely beautiful about bare winter trees and the contrast they supply. I too like beech leaves although I'm not so keen on the mess they make in early winter! A robin is a very good sign!

  3. Those robins are probably wondering why the hell they came back.

  4. I love the color the dried leaves add to the winter landscape.

  5. I like the bark of the trees and how straight they stand. The robins are an amazing find.

  6. I’d love to walk in that park. The colors of the tree trunks and dead leaves look so vibrant compared to the snow. We only had one day of snow this year so far – it does not look good for more snow as it is getting warmer. It would be nice to have snow for at least a week. I really like that last picture of the tree trunks – very nice.

  7. The less it takes to please you, the happier you are! I'm made happier every day by the simplest things! It's a gift, Jimbo ~ celebrate it!

  8. Oh Jim it takes my breath away...everyday, will you adopt me?


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