Friday, March 27, 2015

Going Once, Going Twice......

You may remember that a friend of ours moved to France last month to join
 and live with her daughter.

Our friend, June, is an artist
Before she left she sold/gave away a lot of things.
We bought a number of ladderback chairs and a ladderback rocker (which we kept).
Also June gave Ron and painting she did of him back in 1987.

Since June's daughter has furnishings of her own,
 they really didn't have room for much of June's.
They only took the things that they treasured.
And, the container they hired for the voyage over the Atlantic,
could only hold so much.

So, these paintings/lithographs were left behind.
I said I would try to sell them or have someone sell them.

They are by a French artist, Marcel Mouly (click to learn more).
 He died in 2008. He was a very prolific artist and is well known for his work.
These three lithographs were bought in the early 1990's in Toronto
when June's daughter, Katharine, lived there.

I really like how colourful they are and they look great on our walls too!

I have contacted a reputable auctioneer firm here to see if they are interested.
I am waiting for a reply.
If not, I may contact a couple of galleries to see if they may be interested.

Until their fate is determined, we continue to enjoy them here at home.

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