Friday, March 13, 2015


Our lives changed when we found Sophie eight years ago.
We had had a dog, Jessie, for 14 years
and waited for four years until we saw Sophie and fell in love with her.

It was time to have a dog again and we jumped at it!
The first two years were like what I imagine having a two year old child
for two years straight!
Sophie was a handful.

I know she doesn't look like it now,
but she had her own mind and there was no changing it.

In 'puppy school' she was politely asked to leave the class.
In obedience classes, she lasted maybe four classes
and this time we decided it was just not for her.
She was more interested in playing with the other dogs.

We were very firm and consistent with her after that.
Gradually she started to 'see' things in a way that satisfied us
so she would be safe and relatively obedient.

She was nowhere near as obedient and well-behaved 
as her 'sister' Jessie was.
They were and are different dogs.
And not fair to either to compare them.

Sophie has become an integral part of our daily life.
And we are so grateful for that.

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