Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Need Another Project

Having just completed a project I started in November,
I am debating about my next 'home project' to get me to springtime.

Below is a scarf I have been knitting every evening for the past few months.
I had gotten a bag full of 100% Irish wool....about 10 skeins in all....
a couple of years ago, and decided to look through a 1939
Monarch Menswear  knitting magazine that belonged to Ron's mother.

I found this 'scarf 312'.
I knew my yarn was heavier than what was recommended, 
but I went ahead anyway.

And this is what I got.....a six foot by 16 inch scarf.

I have put it down in the shop for a couple of weeks
as Amy, my 'shop neighbour', is having a Robbie Burns
themed week.....everything Scottish/woolen/knits.

Now to start something else. Playing with the idea of a small quilt.
Always wanted to make one and it does look doable......
thanks to Kathy at , (click)
who knows EVERYTHING there is to know about EVERYTHING!

Kathy makes it all look so easy 
and she always has more than a few things going at once.

But I like to knit.....especially in winter.
Time will tell.

Do you like to have a project that you can do or return to anytime you want?
If so, tell us about it.

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