Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Need Another Project

Having just completed a project I started in November,
I am debating about my next 'home project' to get me to springtime.

Below is a scarf I have been knitting every evening for the past few months.
I had gotten a bag full of 100% Irish wool....about 10 skeins in all....
a couple of years ago, and decided to look through a 1939
Monarch Menswear  knitting magazine that belonged to Ron's mother.

I found this 'scarf 312'.
I knew my yarn was heavier than what was recommended, 
but I went ahead anyway.

And this is what I got.....a six foot by 16 inch scarf.

I have put it down in the shop for a couple of weeks
as Amy, my 'shop neighbour', is having a Robbie Burns
themed week.....everything Scottish/woolen/knits.

Now to start something else. Playing with the idea of a small quilt.
Always wanted to make one and it does look doable......
thanks to Kathy at , (click)
who knows EVERYTHING there is to know about EVERYTHING!

Kathy makes it all look so easy 
and she always has more than a few things going at once.

But I like to knit.....especially in winter.
Time will tell.

Do you like to have a project that you can do or return to anytime you want?
If so, tell us about it.


  1. Jim, That blanket is incredibly beautiful and you are one talented man my friend.

  2. gorgeous scarf-I love the pattern and the color. hope it will sell for you-that would be awesome.
    I have not blogged about it yet-but I am learning-finally-after all these years to spin wool on a spindle next on one of my wheels-with the help of an online friend's support and links to videos he helped me figure out some of the things I could change to make it work for me. always awesome to learn new things-I hope you make a quilt I think you will enjoy it-and its a good winter project too

  3. It's so gorgeous, and I'm so useless I try to knit every now and then, well at least there's comic relief, I can't sew , forget knitting I start with a scarf it ends up looking like a weird skirt...I's so envious, bravo Jim, make more....

  4. omg...what a wonderful scarf. i don't know that i can handle the shame of being out-knit by a man. damn!

  5. WOW!
    That is a beautiful scarf you knitted.
    I am sure it will sell , if I was there, I would buy as I love it!
    My mom was an amazing knitter and I have knitted some, might just take it up again.
    Smiles ...

  6. this is the scarf that grew, and up there, I'm sure that the bigger, the warmer, Lovely shade, and super pattern I am sure a quilt will be next, I can see soft shades or spectacular brights together, this will keep us all wondering.

  7. The scarf is beautiful! Who is the recipient? (Personally, I think everyone should share it, as Mim would look fabulous wearing it! How about trying some knitting in the round next? Mittens or sock... Although I see you making Ron a beautiful cable knit vest. I believe you are ready.

  8. Wow, that scarf must be for Angus MacAskill! It's certainly beautiful! Remember when I asked you about circular knitting needles about a year ago. I ended up with a circular mess knit together in places. I partially unravelled it to correct it and couldn't pick up all the stitches. I kept unravelling row after row, trying to pick up all the stitches and failing repeatedly. Now I have a giant yarn ball in a crate. It's been looking at me for a year. LOL. I've hidden it so the E-P doesn't tease me. I bet that you would make a dynamite quilt!

  9. Jim, you are multi-talented! I tried to knit in big lecture halls at college to overcome boredom, but never got the hang of it - I kept dropping stitches. That is a fabulous scarf - someone will snap it up. Yes, do make a quilt.

  10. I LOVE that scarf. If I walked into the store, I would buy that in a heartbeat. We wear scarves here as soon as temps drop below 30C (no kidding)... sometimes even before. Your knit scarf would be part of my winter collection, when temps drop below 60.


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