Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Storm That Couldn't

We were ready for a big blizzard on Tuesday.....
as was most of the northeastern seaboard of North America.

By mid-day we were still waiting.
Ok, we did get about 8 inches of snow and some freezing rain.
But remember, it IS winter here in the northern hemisphere.

So yesterday around noon, we headed down to the boardwalk at the beach.
Most things were covered in ice, the sun was out and it was really a beautiful day.

I believe we are learning to take the weather reports with a grain of salt.
Or at least I hope so.

It is important to be prepared and use your common sense
when it comes to 'weather events' all year round.

Must remember that sometimes the weather-people are spot on.


  1. You only need to walk to the ocean, and collect those grains of sand, so much better than salt, and I'm so glad that the storm was not as bad as forecast.

  2. can't mess with mother nature lol some areas in the states got hit really bad just not where predicted-we have a friend that lives on long island,ny but 2 miles from the ocean so he didn't get his house coated in ice from the high tide but did get 30 inches of snow--glad you did get a severe storm and that's what I have been saying too-it is winter after all and this is the first storm of the year for that area-enjoy your day always so pretty on the beach

    1. oops glad you didn't get a severe storm

  3. Glad it passed over and love the images especially the falling ice drop that you manage to catch, not easy to do...may it keep on passing over :)

  4. They do say that weather forecasting is an art, not a science. Mother Nature is still at the controls.

  5. as it turns out, we got about 12 inches, much more than was predicted and perfect for me! two more storms are heading to us.

  6. It seems like the weather people are more often 'spot off,' but it's a very inexact science. That dripping icicles photo is brilliant!

  7. These photos are wonderful, Jim, especially the ice/water drop one and the one with Ron and SD!

  8. Weather alarmists! Gorgeous photos, Jim.

  9. What great chilly photos, Jim. Our mountain weather can never be predicted with any accuracy.


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