Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Morning post

Cold wintery type of week....

Looking west from atop MacDonald Hill.

I took this on the way to Sophie's day care early yesterday morning.

The above and next  photo are 'natural' and were taken in broad daylight.

Downtown Halifax under construction.....just one of the sites as a flock of birds flew by.

MacDonald House peeking up over the hill.

Sophie was very interested in these tracks which were on MacDonald Hill the other day.
The fact that they are not accompanied by human tracks leaves me to think
they are from either a Fox or a coyote.
We didn't stick around to find out.

A sunset....

Queen Street in Halifax taken from new Central Halifax Library.

Winter surfing must be invigorating! It is to watch!

Taken from 5th floor at library (they call the Living Room)
looking towards Halifax Harbour.

Some of Sophie's friends at day care the other day.

Waxing Gibbous 76% full Moon the other afternoon.


More of Sophie's friends....

Yes, like a bird on a wire......

Sophie with her ice protectors.
She tolerates these.


  1. Gosh I love your photos and how much you love your Sophie, it's wonderful that she has friends, and wonderful of you to love her so, and again to take great photos lol Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Lorraine, our Sophie is centre of our lives. She gives us joy, energy, and love.
      A wonderful weekend to you too.

  2. So much beauty as soon through your gifted eyes. But... BRRRRR! As for your "natural" photos: We wouldn't call that broad daylight here!

    1. Oh Mitchell, you are way too kind. I taught myself years ago to seek out the beauty that bounds this earth of ours.
      I couldn't agree more with you about BRRRRR! This time of year can be difficult around here. But we are strong Canadians!!! lol

  3. Like a drunk in a midnight choir? Now I'm in the mood to listen to some Leonard Cohen.

    1. But only if you are in good spirits, Debra. You know the effects Leonard can have!

  4. What a wonderful collection of photos, Jim! I'd think," Wow! This one is fabulous! It's got to be the best one" And then I'd move on to the next, and I'd think the same thing. Repeat. Repeat. The birds and the construction site is compelling ~ those bits sticking out of the building look threatening, like knives; and the birds look so small and fragile against the striking and somehow threatening sky. Wow! Wow! And the sunset ~ just gorgeous with that one small ray of sunshine breaking through on the horizon. The beagle walking toward you with those intense eyes; they just pull you right into them, and it's hard to look anywhere else; fabulous composition! Okay, I'll stop with the analysis, and just say that you truly see with gifted eyes, and you edit your photos with true artistry! Keep clicking my friend! So many enjoy seeing your world through your eyes!

    1. Louise, I am always truly humbled when someone likes a photo of mine. Makes me happy that you enjoy them. Thank you.
      Capturing a moment in time is very precious.

  5. Another great recap of the week, Jim. I like all the different ways you've presented your compositions. I always feel as though I'm seeing them for myself. A coyote's tracks are normally spaced farther apart and are as big as a large dog's. The fox's tracks are dainty and are single-file making a kind of necklace pattern. In a trot in shallow snow, they can leave a two-print marking but you would be able to see nail marks. I can't tell if there are nail marks on these tracks - do you have lynx there? Lynx do not leave claw marks because they retract their claws. Coyotes are quite dangerous to dogs and would not hesitate to kill. Foxes are often curious but mostly want to play - I've never heard of a fox attacking a dog here. Lynx are so secretive you'd probably never encounter one. I love "reading" the snow for tracks.

    1. Barb, I was hoping someone would be able to identify these tracks. Thank you. We do not have Lynx in this area of the province, even though they are in other parts. Coyote, yes....plenty of them. I have seen Fox here in the past and figure, from your description, that these are fox tracks. I will check for nail marks next time we are there......if the tracks are still there after some recent rain we've had.
      Thanks so much for this, much appreciated.

  6. Hello Jim! I love this series of shots - especially the ones sprinkled in snow :)

  7. Great shots, Jim! Those little booties on Sophie's paws put a smile on my face. So darn cute!

  8. What a great group of photos. I love that shot of the sunrise. The light looks promising, but not enough to break through the cold.


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