Friday, January 16, 2015

Leading The Way

Sophie and I walked the Atlantic Trail at the beach yesterday.
She usually takes the lead and is a few steps ahead.
This is fine by me as long as there are no obvious distractions
that will require her to be leashed in some cases.

If I am dallying, which I usually am when taking photos, 
she will pause and wait for me to catch up.
I figure she is scouting ahead and keeping an eye on me......
just in case.


  1. Sophie is a sweetie. She takes care of you just like you take care of her. Wonderful photos! It looks like she's got her little booties on.

  2. lol this so funny Jim oh wonderful Sophie.....

  3. dog family members are just so awesome

  4. How you must love Sophie !
    Awesome shots :)

  5. I see you got the booties out!
    She's making sure you're watching her, Ron.


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