Tuesday, January 20, 2015

From My Perch On The Hill

Sunday was a very slow day at the shop.
It was just one of those days people had other things to do.

So to help fill in the time I took a few photos
from various windows in the building.

This shot is looking to the northeast towards Lawrencetown Beach.

And this one is looking west to Conrad's Beach.

This shot is to the north facing Lawrencetown Lake.
We live down that road on the left.

This time of year the light begins to change around 4 PM
as can be seen in this shot facing southwest.

Just before I closed the shop at 5, I noticed this family
and the dogs. How cute is that one in the wagon!?
He could hardly walk so they pulled him up the hill.
Oh, and in the woman's coat was their cat!
They had let it out and it followed for a short distance
but it was windy so it returned to the warmth of the coat.
You can see the cat's head and nose sticking out.

Seeing this family was a great way to end the day.


  1. Very beautiful pictures as usual. Ocean views are always soothing to the heart regardless of season. I like that afternoon shot of the sky, I can feel how the day is coming to its end. I used to watch skies during sunsets. And how lovely the family is really.

  2. What a superbly wonderful views every way, and the family together, that is true love, and guess what? I'm so sure they would really like to see this photo, and ...guess what #2, I have a garden trolley similar, but in a sad state now after many years use in the garden. Maybe when Felicity is not able to trot round the lawn, she can have a ride just like that. Or I could order a bigger one, for Hugh!!! Haha, I would need to be an Amazon to tow it.

  3. Your photos always make my heart happy and those people taking care of their family pets, such wonder at such caring loving wonderful people, just like you and Ron

  4. The dog in the wagon is adorable! And the cat in the coat, too? What lovely people these are. They take such good care of their furry family.

  5. A beautiful and reflective Sunday...love this.

  6. just beautiful Jim-what awesome views at work-do you see many birds fly in?

  7. Tough place to work from, eh, Jim.
    Wonderful shots but that last one stole my heart away :)

    Have a good day Cuz ..

  8. That dog made me water up
    I must have something in my eye jimbo

  9. I love that the family took ALL their pets along on the walk! "No pet left behind"

  10. What a great place from which to photograph. I love the shot of the couple and their pets. So sweet.

  11. Okay, now I've seen everything, Jim! I'm laughing at the dog in the wagon, but how sweet is that! I don't think I've ever taken a kitty for a walk. You do have a spectacular workplace. for many years I taught in a classroom with no windows. :( Maybe that's why I defied the cutback recess schedule and took my kids out anyway! Take care!

  12. What an absolutely beautiful place. And that last photo is heartwarming (and cat-warming, too).


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