Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

A very cold winter's week......

Taken from the beach looking up towards MacDonald Hill and the MacDonald House.

Close up of the MacDonald little shop is on third floor.....
right side of building that window in the middle above cafe.

Thinking about all the people across this great Atlantic Ocean in France this week.

This was my view yesterday at the library....
we found very cozy chairs and plunked ourselves down for a few hours.

Most of the windows in the library have these 'designed letters' on them 
to help/prevent birds from flying into them.

That gray building across the way is the old library.
My sister and I used to go there as kids.

A walk on the beach the morning of Ron's birthday last Saturday.

About to 'take off'!

At Ron's birthday lunch.....

We were at the 'Lion and Bright, Cafe Wine Bar'.
The 'Local Source' market is adjoined too the cafe
which supplies all the fresh produce and local grass-fed meat.

The 'birthday boy' enjoying the conversation with sister-in-law, Jackie 
and my brother, Dennis.

Dennis listening intently to Ron and Jackie.

Funny what one notices.

The sun casting its light straight through the cafe.

Food arrived...

Then dessert for the 'Birthday Boy'!

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