Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What A Place!

We finally made it to the new Halifax Central Library
 in the heart of downtown Halifax yesterday.

It just opened in December of 2014 and we were waiting for the crowds to dissipate.
So yesterday to we decided to have lunch at the cafe on the first floor
and then go exploring the other five floors.

Last year we had made a donation during a fundraiser for this library 
and were given four 'book stickers' to put in whichever books we choose.

We each had one with our mother's names and we each had one with our names.

I spent a bit of time looking for a book that I thought my Mom would have liked.
And then I found one that I liked.
Ron is taking his time to find a couple of books for his choices.

We plan to be back on a regular basis......maybe the day Sophie is in day-care.

So here are a few photos of how I saw this fabulous building.

From the outside.....

A wall of 'index cards'

From the fifth floor looking towards the harbour.

Another wall of colourful plaques.

A choice of ramps, stairs or elevators.

Looking straight down to bottom floor.

Walking between floors...

Lots of light and lots of people who were not necessarily quiet
but the sound-proofing is wonderful.......didn't notice any noise.

Orange accessories are back I see.

Full-length skylight roof.

Ron finishing up his Americano.

A 200 seat auditorium and a play area for children.

Liked these lighting fixtures.

Lots of terminals to sign out your books.

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