Friday, January 30, 2015

Large Playground

Here it is almost the end of January, in the Northern Hemisphere,
two more months to go for the first day of spring,
and what do I see in the north Atlantic Ocean yesterday.....
these two surfers having the time of their lives.

Actually, I wasn't surprised as much as I was impressed considering the temperature...
around -8C with the windchill.

Surfers are here most every day of the year....depending on the surf.


  1. -8? Whoah, that makes them real Atlantic surfers :)

  2. brrrrr sounds really really cold they must have winter suits on?

  3. Wow, are you serious? maybe they buy special military diving ware, who as usual we're having a major blizzard...oh well, that's always the way, but I come here and I'm all cheered up, thanks for that Jim and Ron and Sophie

  4. That's just crazy, even with a wet suit.

  5. Surfers are a breed apart! I can't wait to watch them on Waikiki! Less than five weeks to go! Have a great weekend, Jim!!!


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