Thursday, January 8, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

The events of yesterday morning have left the 'free world' spinning.

Free speech is being threatened by terrorists who fear it.

Let's all stand tall and defend it.

Here's a link to our local 'political cartoonist'
Bruce MacKinnon's take on these events.
I can't copy it but please check it out.


  1. Did your heart swell with emotion when you saw the streets of Paris with all the people standing in unison in memorial of those who had died in the terror attack?
    Mine did.

  2. Very tragic and horrifying, Jim. My heart breaks for the victims and their loved ones.

  3. how can that even happen it is terrifying...I echo Martha on the heartbreak of the families, how , why? ....

  4. Once again, MacKinnon's cartooning is spot on. A picture truly is worth a thousand words and political cartooning can be as trenchant and as dangerous as any editorial, if not more so.

  5. The Herald has a long tradition of excellent political cartoons. Bruce McKinnon's is a moving tribute to those who were murdered and to free speech! Thank you for sharing this, Jim! Loved the cold and frozen beach picture from yesterday! Take care, my friend!

  6. Sadness seems to happen no matter where you live these days, superb cartoon, all thoughts with you and yours as countries and people unite against these atrocities. Hugs to all up North, Jean.

  7. What a tragedy. Thanks for sharing the McKinnon cartoon.

  8. \je suis Charlie, breaks my heart....


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