Thursday, January 22, 2015

Taking Advantage Of A Thaw

A very short 'January Thaw' came our way on Tuesday here in Nova Scotia.

The temperature was above 0C.....around 4C, so we took full advantage of this.

We started in Dartmouth at Birch Cove Park which is on the shore of Lake Banook.

These first three photos hopefully give you an indication
 that the sun was shining in Birch Cove.

On our way for lunch in Eastern Passage (just outside Dartmouth)
we stopped at 'McCormacks Beach Provincial Park'.
There were hundreds of gulls there.

After lunch, we headed to a 'new to us' park that the owner of the restaurant
had told us about......'Flag Pond Coastal Access Park' in Cow Bay.

Cow Bay is directly across Cole Harbour from where we live.
In the photo above you can see MacDonald House to the far right on that grassy hill.
That is where my shop is located.


  1. you guys sure live in a little piece of heaven!

  2. wow yes heaven indeed is your winter that short, or is it just an enticing break? either way it's all so beautiful, so happy for you 3 ;)

  3. an empty shop
    there across this bay
    the cow

    Grand photos of this warm walk (?, 4 degrees above the freeze point). Nifty! _m

  4. Whenever I am missing my beautiful Nova Scotia, (and I do miss it often) I am so glad to come here and partake in the beauty of it through your wonderful photos.
    Thanks Jim, these are fabulous

  5. Lovely jewel tones in that last shot, Jim!

  6. I love the shot with seagulls. And I like the thought of the sun shining in the first two pictures. Yes, the yellow tint indicates the sun's presence. We got the sun shining lately but we're far from thawing still.

  7. Always fun to discover a new place to explore. Beautiful photos, Jim.

  8. The seagulls are wonderful. I love how you fill my heart with home, Jim!

  9. Wonderful shots, Jim! Warmer days are always welcome this time of year.

  10. Wow. Not new, but new to you. I figured you had seen every park anywhere near you. Glad you had a brief, at least, thaw. 4C? Our temps have gotten down near there overnight lately. Very unusual and, as far as we're concerned, bitterly cold!


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