Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yesterday, Clancey's mommy arrived in the afternoon to pick him up after a 'sleepover' with Sophie. It went very well. So well in fact that most of the time we didn't realize two dogs were here. (I know, what, only two?!)

Ron the Pied Piper!

In the evening hubby and I went to visit my youngest sister, Mim. She recently moved to a new flat in Dartmouth, which is across the harbour from Halifax. She grew up in Dartmouth and was very excited to get a place there. She will finally be closer to the family after living 'outside' the city for so long. Her flat is in a house which is designated an Historic Property....over 150 years old (this is considered old here). Since it is classified as 'historic', it is in original condition.....moldings, pine board floors, high ceilings, tiny closets and banisters to die for!

This morning, Sunday, we were up early and decided to have 'brunch' at a place called 'Jane's On the Common' in Halifax (30 minutes from here). I had a 'Maritime Breakfast' consisting of two poached eggs on a lightly grilled piece of haddock with a salsa, salad and fruit. Ron had his fav....'Eggs Benedict' with a great hollandaise.

After eating we headed back to the car to take Sophie to the park. It started to pour!

 We thought it would stop, and it did, just long enough for us to get into the park and far enough away from the car. We stood under a tree and waited for it to 'let up'.....then bee-lined it to the car.

When we got home there was a message for Ron from his brother in British Columbia. He was enquiring whether or not we were going to attend his son's wedding in July in the Rockies. We are still unsure. And also, my nephew is getting married in Alberta in August, a week later. 

What to do.....HELP!!!! We always change our minds a dozen times before we finally decide. Then I thought to drive out wouldn't be too bad....we did it years ago and it would be great to see Canada from coast to coast again. And the northern top of the US would be good.........We are noted for our 'wishy-washyness'. Any bets on what we do?

A new week ahead. Have a great one!

A few garden pics taken this PM:

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