Friday, May 28, 2010

This , That, and the Other

Don't know what I've been doing the past three days, since I didn't have time to 'blog'. A little bit of everything I guess.

Tuesday is my day with Dad. Had lunch with him. Picked up "Chicken Pot Pie' at the Heritage Museum Cafe, which just opened for the season, and, of course, a few 'sweets' for Mr. Sweet-Tooth. When he was able, he would be frequent this place and give the staff a hard time. They miss his visits.

While roaming the garden yesterday, I discovered that one of our Hoopsies (Blue Spruce variety) is on it's last legs. Compared to the other two, it doesn't have any new growth showing and it's needles are tinged  blackish/gray. These guys grow into a very irregular shape......never know what you will get. That's why I like them.........they can have one long branch going one way and another shorter branch going the other. Now, what to replace it with.....hmm-m-m.

This is what it should look like with new growth buds:

Our dog, Sophie, has a 'house guest' for the night (guess she's old enough!). You've met Clancey before. He is a very well-behaved little guy. This is a trial-run for him. He will be staying here for a week in June while his Mommy is in NYC. Also, it will give us a chance to see what having two dogs is never know. Here they are....exhausted before they even get started!!

Yesterday, while at Conrads Beach, we noticed these very dark clouds looming in the western sky.....and heading towards us! We had on our rain jackets and decided to 'man up'! Until the winds picked up that is! We ran to a clump of trees and stood there out of the wind till it settled a bit. It was comical! Been crazy weather the past 24 hours and very chilly.

So, due to the weather, we have been indoors more than usual. It gave me a chance to get back to the blanket I've been knitting. It's made of five panels.....each with a different 'cable' pattern. Something about knitting, it can be very relaxing.

Still planning my Dad's 94th birthday party. My niece has found two sisters, the MacDonald's), who perform 'kitchen parties' (that's what we call it here in Nova Scotia) and they are free on that day. Yeah!  One plays fiddle and the other piano and they both 'step dance'. Should be fun. 

Heard a report last evening that we could be having a more than usual, active hurricane season. Great! The last big one we had here, (Juan) four years ago, was very destructive. We lost over a dozen trees. I hope they are wrong. But the positive spin would be that there would be lots of great pics to be had! We'll see.

Hope everyone has a great weekend out there! Stay tuned and stay out of trouble....I know that will be easier for some than others.


  1. How lovely to meet your father. Very distinguished looking man. I like the feisty types!

    I hope the dogs have fun together. We had one dog for almost 7 years and recently added another. The new guy is a little old man type with a heart murmur and bad breath -- he had nowhere else to go. They get along famously, romping and barking and have now even taken to grooming each other. Very heart warming to see them enjoy their companionship so much.

    I'm SO glad to see your knitting! (You're inspired me to post my WIP soon.) Beautiful! Great texture to it, highly raised cables. Nice work!

    No! No hurricanes. I've forbidden it, so you can relax. ;)

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. I hope your "overnight" goes well! Thinking about getting a puppy or a rescue? I will say this - our life was so much simpler before we got Jill.

    That is an unusual cable pattern, very pretty. Neat stitches! I used to knit and crochet a lot, now my hands are too stiff and sore.

    Yah, heard about the weather brewing. Gee, can you imagine the mess if we got a hurricane in the Gulf about now? At least where I am, all we get is wind and rain, rain, rain.

    Have a great weekend now and I hope Clancey behaves himself and doesn't overstay his welcome ;-)

  3. Wonderful to meet your Dad. I can only imagine the stories he has throughout his life. Ah, to be a fly on the wall to hear them.

    I read an article on the net predicting a bad hurricane season. Not only are they terrible, but with the oil spill in the Gulf, can you imagine the mess that would be if there is a huricane! Let's hope the predicters are wrong.

    And you knit!? That's great. Seems more and more crafts are going by the wayside. Like quilting, crocheting, knitting, etc...

    Spohie and Clancey look very comfy!!

    Very happy to see you posted today. Was wondering where you have been. :)

  4. I know Sophie will have a lot of fun with her friend, who is very cute by the way. I hope the hurricanes stay away -- I didn't realize they did that much damage that far north. I know your dad will be thrilled. Have a great weekend. -- inger

  5. your father looks like a right character!
    and you knit! so does chris he loves the relaxation of it.....

    I like the house decor too!

  6. Can I come to Dad's party ?

    I love the chair Clancey is on that a matress Sophie has got herself ?

    When I got Dillon he was supposed to be a kitten ! ( some kitten ) He was easy to train as he followed Sam ( Sam was a bad pup )

    I won't be getting another dog now Sam's gone as Dillon is a lot of dog to handle - he is so strong. The family think I will but I'm not !!!

  7. Hey, the more the merrier at Dad's party! The chair Clancey is on is a 150 year old Morris my partner's family for all those years. And Sophie is on her bed from L.L.Bean Store in Freeport, Maine. A great store for humans too.
    I can see sticking to one dog. Dillon will love all the attention.

    Sophie had a great time with Clancey....their first overnight! Actually we hardly noticed he was well behaved.


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