Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Day From the Gods

WOW! What a day out there. 

There is a perfect breeze to keep the newly arrived 'black flies' at bay. These critters last about a month. The past few days we were welcomed in the garden by, what we call, 'scouts' or stupid ones. They are not quite sure of their role but are scouting it out for their more intelligent and determined leaders.

Poor Sophie got bitten on both eye lids yesterday and they swelled a little till she got into the ocean.A great remedy for fly bites.

Back to this gorgeous day. Must be the weather that New England had over the weekend. We opened every window in the house to let the breeze blow out every shred of winter. Love it!

Today is also my Tuesday with Dad. My day to bring a meal and spend some time with him. He is 94 and still living in his house. The past couple of months have taken a toll on him. His eyesight has been compromised enough to limit his mobility. So this is where his 'Kids' come in. There are six of us who live in the vicinity and we all share the week's meals with him.

Today I made your basic Maritime fish chowder.......of course Cod, then some Haddock,  Salmon and potato and onions. Tasted OK. I think he will like it. 

And on that note I have to run......can't keep a 94 year old waiting.

Hope your day is as perfect as it is here.


  1. 94! I bet your Dad has some great memories and stories to tell. I find it wonderful that you and your siblings are all pitching in with your Dad.
    It really is spectactular at your place. So serene looking.
    Aww, poor Sophie. Why does the ocean water soothe the bites? Is it the salt?

  2. Yes, the salt seems to cure and take the sting out. It works for us humans too.
    Dad has some very interesting stories.....it seems when some people reach this age a lot of memories start pouring out. I really should tape them.

  3. I'm impressed that your siblings all pitch in. I come from a family of eight kids myself. One brother died a year and a half ago and one sister lives in another state. So, you'd think there would be plenty of help around. Not so much. Sure they help. They helped move them into the senior home and left me with two mortgages. Now there's nothing to worry about.
    You're right, we should be at least be taking notes about all these stories. And our own too. That's what keeps them alive, long after. Meanwhile, enjoy what there is left. And this beautiful day.


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