Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Recovery for a Wonderful Park

When I was a kid in the north end of Halifax, it was a routine in the summer for my brothers and I to hop a bus in the morning and go to the extreme other end of the city to Point Pleasant Park. We'd stay for the day, make a fire on the shore, and roast hotdogs and marshmellows.

 It is situated at the mouth of Halifax Harbour and up until September 2003, it was full of very old, large trees.Point Pleasant Park: The Challenge

Hurricane Juan hit hard and the damage is still visible at the Park and as well around the municipality. We lost about twenty trees here. It certainly opened everything up and created a lot of cleared spaces.

PP Park lost thousands of trees and it will take a couple of generations for it to have any semblance of its former grand self.

But, in the meantime, it is interesting to watch the changes happening.......all the new growth, and the views now from the centre of the Park are incredible. It's amazing how we can adapt to change.

Here are a few pics of yesterday's 'walk in the Park'. The orange coloured ship is carrying cars/autos and dropping them off across the harbour in Dartmouth.

This next 'container' ship is heading to one of two container piers in the harbour.

Imagine the Park with trees everywhere! That's what it was like before Juan. Here's a few more pics to convince you to get out to the nearest PARK and enjoy it.

Ron and Sophie........

New growth.......

Old Victorian bandstand.......

New species......Cranus Imaginatus.


  1. That last pic has me laughing! Good one!
    That's a lot of cargo ships. Is there always a lot of them? Are they quiet or do they make noise ( horn, engine) where you can hear them?

  2. Since Halifax is a seaport, there are always ships (cargo, navy, sail, oil rigs, cruise lines) coming and going all the time. They are escorted into the harbour by tug boats and therefore are at a very slow speed....not much noise at all and no horns.

  3. interesting how we adapt to change. Your childhood summers sound idyllic - I used to do similar while staying with my best friend at her Granny's place in North Wales. We stayed out all day whatever the weather.
    Labradoodles are great aren't they ? maybe one day... at the moment I have my hands full with retrievers !

  4. That fish showder sounds good. I grew up on the ocean. Family of commercial fishermen. There is something special about the ocean. It's certainly something to be respected, as I have lost family to the ocean. I wanna plant some river birches in our front yard, too. Maybe time can help your friend with her son. Had a fight with my parents. Left and didn't talk to my family for over a year. But we have mended things now. Hope against home, and tell her not to give up.

  5. What a strikingly colorful new species! Not very leafy, though.


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